Letters to editor

  • We are not free until all of us are free

    Aug 31, 2018

    The worst thing we can do is ignore it and put it on the back pages. Even worse is to say things like we cannot judge such an odious regime with the s

  • HERALD inclined to ‘cut and paste’ without critical input

    Aug 31, 2018

    I will suggest that HERALD is inclined to “cut and paste” whatever others have published without critical input.

  • Democratic yardstick cannot be used to measure communist system

    Aug 17, 2018

    I refer to the headline “Chinese Catholic Church demolished” which appeared on the front page of the HERALD on August 12, 2018.

  • Formation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollections

    Aug 16, 2018

    ForFormation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollectionsmation on the BECs should be given during the clergy monthly recollect

  • The 55-feet Christmas Tree at Silibin church

    Dec 22, 2017

    On December 3, the First Sunday of Advent, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (OLOL) in Ipoh unveiled a giant Christmas tree which is about 55 feet in height.

  • Christmas or X’mas?

    Dec 22, 2017

    . Christmas has often been spelt as Xmas which, on some occasions, have incurred the ire of many Christians who hold a different viewpoint.

  • A tribute to Msgr Anthony Thomas

    Dec 02, 2017

    Upon hearing of the demise of Monsignor Anthony Thomas, I felt that it would be good to write a tribute about him, considering the significant time I spent in Malaysia.

  • Dedicate day to cancer patients

    Dec 02, 2017

    One of the most difficult statistics to track consistently is the growth rate of cancer cases, locally or worldwide.

  • Being an OKU friendly parish

    Oct 27, 2017

    Taiping Catholic Church goes userfriendly to all our parishioners who are aged and feeble. Our Parish Priest Fr Jude Miranda built a ramp to ease our

  • Do not go overboard with celebrations

    Oct 27, 2017

    I read with great amusement your article concerning the blessing of pets in the Church of Risen Christ, Ayer Itam in Penang. On October 1, being the Sunday closest to the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, the parishioners attended Mass together with their pets, dogs, cats, tortoises, turtles, parrots, fish, sugar gliders and even a snake to be blessed by the priest.