Letters to editor

  • A tribute to Msgr Anthony Thomas

    Dec 02, 2017

    Upon hearing of the demise of Monsignor Anthony Thomas, I felt that it would be good to write a tribute about him, considering the significant time I spent in Malaysia.

  • Dedicate day to cancer patients

    Dec 02, 2017

    One of the most difficult statistics to track consistently is the growth rate of cancer cases, locally or worldwide.

  • Being an OKU friendly parish

    Oct 27, 2017

    Taiping Catholic Church goes userfriendly to all our parishioners who are aged and feeble. Our Parish Priest Fr Jude Miranda built a ramp to ease our

  • Do not go overboard with celebrations

    Oct 27, 2017

    I read with great amusement your article concerning the blessing of pets in the Church of Risen Christ, Ayer Itam in Penang. On October 1, being the Sunday closest to the Feast of St Francis of Assisi, the parishioners attended Mass together with their pets, dogs, cats, tortoises, turtles, parrots, fish, sugar gliders and even a snake to be blessed by the priest.

  • Why so much focus on Martin Luther?

    Oct 27, 2017

    In Christian charity, please forgive me for asking such, but I cannot let my conscience be still, knowing that Catholics are becoming more indifferent towards Protestants thinking that Catholics and they are the same.

  • A tribute to Msgr Anthony Thomas, a Priest of Melchizedek

    Oct 12, 2017

    A tribute to Msgr Anthony Thomas, a Priest of Melchizedek

  • Glutenfree hosts

    Aug 25, 2017

    When I read ‘Update’ on Glutenfree Hosts in the HERALD issue of July 23, 2017 by Emma Winters, America, I am troubled that Catholics still do not realise that the consecrated Host is not bread.

  • Will Venezuela end up like Syria?

    Aug 25, 2017

    Millions of people have lost their lives from the excesses of the Syrian regime which is aligned to Russia, Iran, Hizbollah, and rebels who are aligned to the United States, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

  • Nhaveen’s death needs more than stern action taken against perpetraters

    Jun 23, 2017

    The outcry over the death of the late schoolboy, Nhaveen, is yet another sickening round of dramatic promises, politically correct sounding statements, and of course knee jerk reactions from various quarters, let alone cashing in on political expediency.

  • The plight of our Orang Asli

    Apr 21, 2017

    After the recent Chrism Mass at St Thomas Church, I decided to look up a friend in Kuantan. I stayed with her family for a couple of days.