Malaysian Church News

  • St Paul’s multi-purpose hall officially opened

    May 08, 2014

    On April 20, about 1,200 Catholic lay faithful residing within the vicinity of St Paul’s Church, Ulu Dusun, had every reason to celebrate Easter with joy and happiness.

  • Catechists reflect, revive and realign their mission

    May 08, 2014

    The catechists and RCIA facilitators of Good Shepherd Church (GSC) gathered for a full day retreat to reflect, revive and realign their mission of being called, chosen and sent.

  • Meeting and formation for communications commission

    May 08, 2014

    The 13 members of the Diocesan Social Communications Commission (DSCC) had its inaugural meeting and first formation session on April 26-27 at the Diocesan Retreat Centre, Ulu Dusun.

  • Blessing of the renovated Taiping Catholic Church

    May 08, 2014

    On Easter Sunday, the parishioners of the Taiping Catholic Church were fortunate to have Bishop Sebastian Francis bless their renovated Church and the newly constructed columbarium.

  • Ten contributions of non-Muslims to Malaysia

    May 08, 2014

    Obtuse. Dense. Ignorant. Stupid. Choose any one of these words to describe Isma and you would be spot on. This government-sponsored organisation yesterday argued that non-Muslims have no right to get involved in any discussion on hudud and even had the temerity to question the contributions of non-Muslims to Malaysia.

  • What are your contributions to the nation, asks Isma warning non-Muslims over hudud issue

    May 08, 2014

    Muslim rights group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) has warned non-Muslims in the country that they have no right to oppose the plan to implement hudud, and said non-Muslims should understand that there are limitations to what they can say.

  • The reluctance to return the Bibles

    May 07, 2014

    The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) is convinced that the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) is refusing to return the Bibles seized from its premises four months ago because to do so would be an admission that it had erred in both deed and manner.

  • Bishop Paul Tan: Permanent deacons have been a ‘real help’

    May 02, 2014

    First, let me speak of “vibrant practice of the faith.” As things stand at present, there is no parish in the diocese which can be called an ideal parish or exemplary parish or model parish. Our parishes are, for the most part, very ordinary. It varies from parish to parish.

  • Malaysians have yet to fully understand hudud

    May 02, 2014

    Malaysians, even the Muslims, have yet to fully grasp the workings of the Hudud that the PAS government wants to implement in Kelantan.

  • Countries with hudud laws fail to reduce crime, says former top judge

    May 02, 2014

    Muslim countries which have implemented Islamic capital punishments, or hudud, have not been successful in reducing crime rate, former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad said recently.