A Christmas miracle — Perseverance in prayer

A Christmas miracle — Perseverance in prayer

Dec 24, 2022

Our blessings under the Christmas tree … Truffle and Pimkie.

By Joanne Mae Hew
Dogs are family to us and are a precious addition to our household. We have two furkids, Pimkie, a senior ShihTzu and Truffle, a junior Pug. Last Christmas, our precious Truffle went missing for 24 hours, two weeks before Christmas.

That afternoon, I was loading gifts in my car getting ready to make my way to meet-up with eight ladies from my CHOICE days, when my daughter and I realised that our dogs were nowhere in sight. My heart sank when I saw our auto gate half-opened due to a motor malfunction. I dashed out to find Pimkie strutting home. But, Truffle was nowhere in sight!

We quickly got in the car. My husband cancelled his appointment and joined in the search. We reported this to the local dog rescue centre, the SPCA near our home, then drove around the neighbourhood for three hours calling and shouting for Truffle but she was nowhere to be found. We spoke with strangers and passersby. Some neighbours had seen her on the main road but that was it. It was an exhausting afternoon.

Amidst the search, we informed friends and family to help pray and spread the word. After a three-hour futile search, we went home. My daughter quickly made a Missing Dog poster and we disseminated the information to many animal/dog support groups via social media. Everyone was very supportive, giving us advice, sharing our Missing Dog poster and offering words of comfort. Meantime, there were several search parties looking out for her and the heavens were stormed with prayers.

It started to rain heavily later in the evening. We got anxious. What if we never saw her again? What if she was injured? She had been missing for six hours by then. She would be hungry, dehydrated, cold and so afraid! Poor Truffle!

After our online Rosary devotion with the Ampang Jaya BEC’s, we rushed out again around 8.00pm to resume our search for Truffle in the rain. We brought the dinner bell along ringing it and frantically calling, “Truffle, you want food?” but still no Truffle! We prayed that someone had taken her in and that she was safe. We went to bed dog-tired and worried. Everything was in God’s hands. This is the prayer my daughter prayed before going to bed.

“Father, we ask you to help us find our dear pet Truffle who is now lost. We know that you placed animals on the Earth for many reasons, including companionship for man.

“We therefore ask you to help us find our lost companion, Truffle, and pray that You will keep her safe and protect her from harm until she is found.

“We join our prayers with St Francis, St Anthony of Padua, and all the saints, and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

The next morning, I was hoping to find Truffle at the door (I left the gate open just in case!) but she was not there. A friend had printed posters overnight and put them up in the neighbourhood at 6.00am! We printed another 200 copies and set foot dropping them into post boxes in our area. A fruit seller (located 50 metres away from our home) informed us that Truffle was wandering about in the middle of the road just minutes ago! Cars were trying to avoid hitting her and a kind uncle on a motorbike had picked her up and left. We had just missed her!!!

We scouted the nearby area for five hours in search of the uncle on a motorbike (a witness gave us the bike description and number plate) but had no luck. Where could he have taken Truffle? Why hadn’t he dropped her at the SPCA? What if he had stolen her? We put up a few more posters and went home tired, dejected and upset.

I broke down and sobbed. I told God we needed a miracle. You would not believe this but soon after my emotional outburst, my phone rang. The uncle’s daughter called and said that Truffle was with her! It turned out the uncle brought Truffle to the vet where his daughter works. So, she had driven back to our area and saw our posters. It was truly a miracle that we got her back so fast. We were overjoyed!

I asked myself why this happened. For me, everything happens for a reason (especially difficult situations!). What I learnt from this is to not give up and to always have faith in God. I cried out to Him in desperation and anger (yes, I was angry at Him!) and He answered. I believe this happened so I could witness to others the power of prayer and God’s power over all creation, and His ability to work miracles for us. God has performed several amazing miracles in my life and this is just one of them.

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