A closer walk with God through Apps

“Let go and let God.” Such simple words, such profound meaning and, in all honesty, something really hard to adhere to in this age of unpredictability #covid. But this is just one of the many simple reminders that I receive daily through my Instagram stories and feed that help remind me of God’s grace, goodness and power.

Dec 31, 2021

The Mustard Seed Journeys Joanne Wong

“Let go and let God.” Such simple words, such profound meaning and, in all honesty, something really hard to adhere to in this age of unpredictability #covid. But this is just one of the many simple reminders that I receive daily through my Instagram stories and feed that help remind me of God’s grace, goodness and power.

It’s quite common to hear how apps like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. have a negative impact on us, especially teens and young adults, and I do not deny that there is dark side to these apps. However, by using these apps responsibly and really discerning if it’s something right and good, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other such apps can be a source of good.

In fact, one of the things I have learnt is that if a person you follow, a group/page you subscribe to or WhatsApp chat group you belong to makes you feel “less”, brings you down or breeds little green - eyed monsters in you, exit, unfollow and delete that which doesn’t bring you joy (sadly we have to live with the office chats but there is always the ‘mute’ button) — Marie Kondo got this right for sure!

But truly, apps like Formed, Our Daily Bread, Our Hope and TBN have brought me (and my family) closer to God and has helped me through many a tough moment. Let me share how these apps have done just that.

1. Starting the day right
There have been many bestseller books about how to have a ‘miracle morning’ and how we should start the day at 5.00am. However, since I love any extra sleep I can get, I have found that the best way to start my day is to start it with God. “But Jo, there are 101 things to do when I wake up — breakfast, laundry, chores, school runs, pet feeds and commutes all before 8.00am.”

And I get that — but I have found that a quick flick through my daily devotional app, which can take just three minutes, can give me that extra “boost” to start my day. Another go to is turning on Spotify or YouTube to listen to songs of praise or a podcast about God while I do my chores, get ready for work or on my commute to the office. Starting the day with God centres and prepares you for the day ahead.

2. A quick ‘pick me up’
Often times there are moments in my day when I just need a quick ‘pick me up’ — it could be that email in my inbox promising me extra work over the weekend. Or when my child decides to do everything that they are not supposed to. Perhaps it’s just the long ‘to-do’ list that’s taunting me.

We all go through “urgh” moments several times a day and if you are like me; a Work From Home (WFH) mama with a demanding job, two kids who are in different age groups with different needs vying for your attention, a helper that needs helping and a hundred different projects and interests to dabble in — you need lots of these snack-sized ‘pick me up’ moments.

So, what I do is I turn to quick ‘pick me ups’ through Instagram — I follow pages like Trust God Bro, Risenmotherhood and Godquotes because they have quick reassuring words that remind me that God is with me — that He has got my back and that I am going to be just fine!

3. The quest for self and purpose
Ever felt lost or confused or just unsure of the path that you need to take? Videos on Formed have helped me learn more about myself and God’s will for me — there is a ton of great content there for you and the whole family — The ‘Brother Francis’ series are great for kids.

Then there are the words from Pastor Rick Warren (author of a Purpose Driven Life) through his Daily Hope app that makes me take stock of my life and my relationship with God, as well as serves as a reminder of God’s love and purpose for me.

Risenmotherhood is an amazing site for mothers who struggle to do the best for their kids and wonder if they are in fact doing the right things — there are podcasts, Bible studies and more to address motherly insecurities, questions and concerns.

These apps/sites are good reminders that God is journeying with me even as I learn and discover more things about myself, my identity and my purpose. Truly when you draw near to God, He will draw near to you.

4. Praying through praise
Then there are moments when I am disappointed or when I simply don’t know what to say and don’t quite know who to turn to. During these moments, I turn on Spotify to listen to God and to what He wants to tell me. And sometimes, when the spirit moves me, I sing.

I am no Adele or Taylor Swift but I know my song reaches God’s ears and is melodious to Him. For when you open your heart to Him, you will receive His peace which is truly beyond our understanding — it will fill your heart and soothe your soul.

When I sing, I call out to Him. I have a conversation with Him and my feelings and fears, insecurities, doubts, worries and pains, flow into His loving arms. And God turns this love song of mine into healing, strength, comfort and peace.

Throughout my second pregnancy, while I went through numerous injections and blood tests and even during my caesarean operation when there was an issue with the anaesthetics that caused my blood pressure to rise, I was always humming or singing under my breath the song 10,000 reasons — the nurses and doctors asked about it and I shared that this song gives me courage to face my fears.

And sometimes when I am faced with difficult decisions or my child is sick or when I am in a pickle, I listen and sing the song Raise a Hallelujah on repeat and I claim His promises. I also worship and place my trust in Him in the song Waymaker — coincidentally, ‘Spotify Unwrapped’ has also informed me that it is my most played song of 2021 — as I remember all that He has done for me and I receive the blessed assurance that He will provide, guide and lead me because He is the Waymaker, Miracle Worker, the Light in the darkness. He is my God.

Dear reader, I still have a lot to learn about God, His goodness, His word and His purpose for me and there are moments when I just say “Why God? Why are you doing this?” but a simple scroll or alert on my Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or my other numerous apps, reminds me that He is there waiting for me, to help me and guide me if I would just “Let go, and let God.” l

“Just a closer walk with Thee, Grant it, Jesus, is my plea”. Joanne Wong is on a journey towards having faith the size of a mustard seed. She is happy to connect and share favourite worship songs or app recommendations.

Do email her at joanne. wpm@gmail.com

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