A new Pentecost... Becoming missionary disciples

At the end of the closing Mass on October 5, the delegates participated in the ceremony of light.

Oct 21, 2016

At the end of the closing Mass on October 5, the delegates participated in the ceremony of light.

“This ceremony is re-living,” explained Bishop Bernard Paul. “We recall that we are sent as ‘lights in the world’; a beacon of hope, that we need to acknowledge the source of our illumination .... that we have to go forth as bearers of Christ’s Light to the ends of our dioceses,” he added.

The bishops lit their candles from the Paschal Candle; then they lit the candles of the diocesan vicars, senators and deans, who, in turn, lit the delegates’ candles. “The light is not something new,” explained Bishop Bernard.

“The light has always been in you. Sometimes, we become careless. Sometimes, we begin to be overcome by the mountains we see outside. Sometimes, it becomes obscured. But the light never left you. The light is within each one of you. Let it be a flame in you. Let it be an awakening for you. And let us realise that we have our light and that it will be the light in our darkness. Be the light in the darkness.

“If we do not connect, we have nothing to pass on or pass down. Connect with the GIVER of LIGHT. Connect with the Bishops. Connect with the clergy. Connect with the lay women and men. Connect with the people at the margins. Connect with all people of goodwill.

“Communion is connecting. We need to connect with one another,” he further stressed. When all the delegates had a lighted candle each, the commitment part began. With their candles raised, they were asked three questions for which they answered in the affirmative.

Everyone then, with one voice, sang the hymn, Here I Am Lord.

They were then sent off with these words: “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News. Be not afraid for the spirit you have receive is not of timidity but of power, love and sound.”

The Church as a field hospital working to re-integrate those on the outskirts

“I have now been in Malaysia as the Apostolic nuncio for well over three years, and 1 wish to tell you, as I told Pope Francis on September 19, 2016, that I have been blessed to witness such a solid Church, composed of Bishops who exercise their ministry in true simplicity and deep integrity, a well-formed clergy, close to the people who have taken the “smell of the sheep” to themselves, numerous religious who, in living their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, are carrying out their dedicated ministries, in what is truly the periphery, geographically and even socially.

“Of course, the strength of the Church is in the laity. On this point, I must say, I have witnessed laymen and women who are deeply committed to the faith, proud of their Catholic identity and authentic witnesses in society to their Christian character. You are truly a blessed Church and let me say congratulations and thank you for your witness.

“I would respectfully and humbly ask you to bring with you these two concepts arising from the teaching of Pope Francis: The Church as a field hospital whose operation tool is mercy and, a Church that works with one goal in mind, to re-integrate those on the outskirts, people who are waiting for our availability, outgoing spirit and our nearness to them in need.” -- Archbishop Joseph Marino, Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia

The Bishops to issue PMPC IV Directives on the First Sunday of Advent

The Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Core Team will meet at the end of October 2016 to finalise the findings from the PMPC IV. The directives for the next ten years, from the Arch/Bishops will be presented on the First Sunday of Advent (November 27, 2016)

Yea for a Pan Malaysian Pastoral Convention

“The word ‘communion’ has been used very often in this convention. So first of all, in profound communion with all of you here, I bring you the greetings from the Church from the Archdiocese of Kuching and also from the Diocese of Miri. We are in communion with all of you here.

“Thank you to the Peninsular Bishops, the organising committee for being so thoughtful to invite every diocese in East Malaysia to send three representatives to the PMPC IV.

“Miri and Kuching accepted the invitation and have sent three persons each.

“This has been a very enriching experience. I would like to congratulate the three bishops and also bishops’ emeriti for initiating it already in 1976.

“I feel very encouraged and heartened by the East Malaysians’ presence here. To me, it means you are integrating them into the Church here. They are part of the Church here.

“They have given a Bumiputera face to the Peninsular Malaysia Church.

“I am very thankful to you for engaging the East Malaysians here into your church life.

“I support your call for a Pan Malaysian Convention.

“I would, however, caution that the pastoral situations in East Malaysia are very different from West Malaysia.

“There is a gap between the level of growth and maturity too. We need to accept these differences. In Archbishp Julian Leow’s words, ‘Our diversity is our strength’.” -- Archbishop John Ha, Archbishop of Kuching

Concluding remarks from the Arch/Bishops after the Assembly & Synods

Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese
We must have a common vision which must be expanded to include Sabah and Sarawak.

The Church must be prophetic in our journey.

We must have a better understanding of the state of affairs of our society and how it is affecting us as Church.

Penang Diocese
I urge Catholics to go beyond labels.

We must be a transparent Church with financial and pastoral accountability.

We must be a Church where the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are made visible.

May the Church be a humble sign of hope for all God’s people walking together from our vision to our mission.

The Church must look forward to her destiny with confidence guided by three principles: purity of intention, faith in prayer and fidelity in action.

Malacca-Johore Diocese

There must be:
--an alternative way of planning
-- an alternative way of being Church
-- an alternative way of being a Catholic
-- an alternative way to discipleship

There is a call to be “e”: e-priest, e-catholic, e-youth, e-parish and e-diocese “e” = encountered, empowered, enlightened and evangelising (Luke 4:18-20)

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