Advent: A grace filled opportunity

Most Rev Julian Leow’s Message for Advent

Dec 03, 2021

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I began Advent on Saturday evening with much hope and a glow in my heart. Some of us celebrated the life of Uncle Amran, a homeless gentleman who died last year. He lived on the streets for over 40 years, but had touched the lives of many of our youth, as well as those who walk the streets at night. We shared stories of what Uncle Amran meant to us. He taught me that the homeless have pride and dignity, just like me, and have wants and needs. They are fellow pilgrims on this journey of life.

There was optimism in the air with talk about how we are about to celebrate Christmas this December. Borders with Singapore are opening with Vaccinated Travel Lanes, and many will be able to reunite with separated loved ones. There was an expectation in the air, which is what the season of Advent usually brings!

However, this season of Advent is also a period of waiting. While we await the birth of the Saviour of the world in a humble stable, to welcome the infant King, there are also other causes for us to wait.

1. Perhaps we are waiting when the first case of Omicron will be discovered and announced?

2. Or are we waiting for the results of our PCR test to clear us of COVID? We do not wait idly but with hopeful expectation. We are hopeful we will be able to overcome this pandemic and get back to some normalcy in our lives.

I pray that this season of Advent will be a grace-filled opportunity for you and your family to prepare for the birth of the Prince of Peace in the world, and in our hearts

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