Be like Mary who was rooted in God

The Church of Our Lady of Good Health (OLGH) celebrated her 119th annual feast September 2 - 12.

Sep 23, 2022

Parishioners at the feast day celebrations.

By Bernard Anthony
The Church of Our Lady of Good Health (OLGH) celebrated her 119th annual feast September 2 - 12. Guest celebrants included Bishop Sebastian Francis, Fr Christopher Soosaipillai, Fr Vincent Paul, and Fr Francis Xavier Selvarajoo with OLGH parish priest Fr Anthony Pillai.

The festivities culminated on day nine, Sept 10 with a candlelight procession. More than 1,000 joined the 30-minutes procession around Parit Buntar town. Two floats, one with the Blessed Sacrament and the other, a statue of Our Lady of Good Health, led the procession.

Fr Francis from Kangar, Perlis preached on the theme Rooted in Christ, let’s share the Fruits of Life. He said we need to be rooted in the Word and Christ to bear fruit that lasts. He reminded the congregation that Mother Mary was also rooted in God and bore fruits of humility.

Some 750 parishioners and friends from the neighbouring churches thronged the premise for the feast day Mass on Sept 11. Fr Francis preached on Being the Salt of the Earth and Light of the World in Communion, Participation, and Mission. He quoted from the day’s Gospel about the lost coin and lost sheep. He said from the secular world’s perspective, it’s not worth letting go of 99 sheep to look for the missing one. But with our perfect God, He will search for the lost because, in His eyes, everyone is valuable.

After the homily, the faithful held lighted candles while renewing their baptismal promises. The two priests then blessed the congregation with holy water.

There was also an exhibition tent on the church grounds showcasing the various apparitions of Mary and feast days.

Fr Anthony said there is an urgent need to reshuffle the BEC/ministries/committees to empower the people with the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

He commended the feast committee, volunteers, and parishioners involved in the feast preparations and thanked the sponsors for the meals. He also thanked the guest preachers and everyone present for participating in the parish feast celebration.

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