Be teachable teachers

The Malacca Johore Diocese Young People Network (MJDYPN) organised an online youth Mass on February 22, the Feast of the Chair of St Peter.

Mar 13, 2021

By Aloysius Irenaeus
The Malacca Johore Diocese Young People Network (MJDYPN) organised an online youth Mass on February 22, the Feast of the Chair of St Peter. The purpose of this Mass was to pray for SPM and STPM students who would be sitting for their exams and also for the youth who are affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition, this Mass was held to gather the youths and invite them to pray together during this difficult time.

As Johor is under the Movement Control Order (MCO) phase, MJDYPN took the initiative to hold the Mass virtually via Facebook, Youtube and Zoom. The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Bernard Paul and attracted about 52 participants via Zoom.

During the Mass, Bishop Bernard touched on the meaning of the Feast of the Chair of St Peter. Today, this chair has a new meaning, it is called ‘the teaching chair’, to spread the teachings to the  people, to lead and strengthen the Church. 

It’s also called the ‘chair of leadership’, just like Jesus was the CEO of the Church same as St Peter and his other followers, they are also considered as CEOs of the Church, to lead like Jesus Christ, to be good examples and happy people. It is also called the ‘chair of shepherds’, the shepherds who pasture and protect the sheep. And finally, it’s also called the ‘chair of the key.’ Jesus gave Peter the key of the kingdom, the key that appoints and anoints, said Bishop Bernard.

He added that Peter was chosen because he was the first witness as he met Jesus the Truth. Peter was also open-hearted and teachable and that’s why God chose him. We learned from Peter, that it is not important to be knowledgeable but more important to know God. Learn to be teachable teachers as all of us are called to be leaders.

After Mass, Bishop Bernard blessed  the youth and shared the statistics of the young people in every parish in the diocese.

Finally, he thanked all those who attended the Mass and also those who helped in making the Mass a success.

Sharings from our youth
“Though the Mass was held online, it encouraged the young men and women out there to gather after not being able to have our youth gatherings due to the pandemic. It has given me some inspiration and courage to not give up in all things and keep praying because prayer is a weapon for us to move on with our life. The hope I find for myself and for all of us is that Jesus always walks with us so that our faith will not waver no matter where we are. ” — Florencia of St Theresa, Masai

“I am very happy to see many youths gathering virtually to celebrate the Mass. As we know, many of us are unable to attend Mass physically due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the SOPs set by the government. So, through this virtual Mass we can get closer to God, especially during this Lenten season, even in the current pandemic.” — Felicia Alice of St Theresa, Masai

Shalom friends of Christ. This Mass was beneficial for me. Even though I was not able to participate physically in this Mass and to receive the body of Christ, it gave me some personal space with God, and I feel very grateful and thankful for the opportunity given.” — Darren from Skudai Catholic Centre Parish

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