Be true disciples of Jesus in the world

On June 7 Pentecost Vigil, 13 candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam at the Church of St Aloysius.

Jun 20, 2014

By Bernard Anthony
On June 7 Pentecost Vigil, 13 candidates received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam at the Church of St Aloysius. The Sunset Mass was concelebrated with Fr Danny Mathews. The candidates were from both the English and Mandarin-speaking groups.

Archbishop Emeritus Pakiam disclosed that on Pentecost Day at Vatican City, the Israeli and Palestinian Presidents would meet Pope Francis to pray for peace. Joining them would be the Orthodox Patriarch. The prelate asked all to pray for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts and minds for everlasting peace in the Middle East.

In his homily, Archbishop Pakiam said, “Today is a great day: we are proud of our young children who will be Confirmed and also for the great event of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and all of us. Jesus came as our Saviour, and taught us the way to the Father. ‘You will rise to new life and if you want to be My disciples, you must take up your cross and follow Me.’ He said God knows we are weak human beings, thus he sent the Holy Spirit to give us strength, and the ability to follow and remember the teachings of all that Jesus taught. The Holy Spirit comes to strengthen and energize us to follow through with great festivity this feast which bestows the seven-fold giftsof the Holy Spirit.”

Archbishop Pakiam told the Confirmands that God gave us these gifts to help us to follow the Gospel message: know what is important to live for Jesus. “The mission to know — not just to enjoy yourselves.” He emphasized that there are the paraplegic children and old folks that the Confirmands could go and visit every week and listen to them and their stories. He added that our willingness needs a lot of courage and determination — rain or sun, to go and visit. Quoting from Pope Francis, who tells us to reach out to others, and seek out people who are sick, poor, lonely. “Be persons for others; we are given the strength of the Holy Spirit for this purpose, to be true disciples of Jesus in the world,” said the Archbishop.

“We come to Mass to receive the Word of God, not to be entertained. The gift of piety helps us see Jesus even as our hearts yearn for Him and our devotion and worship will be enriched.”

The Rite of Confirmation followed with the laying of hands to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto the Confirmands. The anointing with Chrism Oil by the archbishop then proceeded, with Fr Danny calling out the names of the candidates one by one as they came up to be anointed.

After Mass, Archbishop Pakiam in his speech congratulated the Confirmands and said that it was truly a joyful day. He also thanked the parents of the Confirmands, the catechists, godparents and Fr Danny for journeying with the 13 candidates to prepare them for the Sacrament.

He then asked the assembly to give the same cooperation and support to Fr Danny who has been the Parish Administrator since March 2014, they have given to his predecessor, Msgr Anthony Thomas, who has since retired. The Archbishop said he saw the assembly as a community of faith, hope and charity.

Fr Danny shared with the Archbishop that on Friday, June 6 (First Friday) during the Holy hour, they had prayed for world peace. He thanked Archbishop Emeritus Pakiam for officiating at the Sacrament and announced that the prelate had to rush to the airport for his flight to Kuantan for the next day’s Confirmation Mass and wished him prayers.

Fr Danny later presented the Certificates to the Confirmands, after a light fellowship.

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