Campus Ministry Team: Refreshed and Rejuvenated

Two years of restricted movement have at last been lifted and people can once again gather physically.

Jun 17, 2022

Vibrant souls and contagious smiles of leaders in Campus Ministry

By Selvindarren Selvadurai and Cindy Edward
Two years of restricted movement have at last been lifted and people can once again gather physically.

May 7-8 marked the date which the Campus Ministry Team (CMT) had long waited for — to gather physically.

The CMT consists of ex-Catholic students serving and facilitating current student leaders of Catholic Student Groups (CSG) from various campuses under the Archdiocese of Kota Kinabalu.

Twelve CMT members, including two Campus Ministry Officers, Sr Terecia Loukang, fsic and Christina David, chose to spend that time in a semi-remote area in Kiulu to connect to the ground we are rooted in, to appreciate the journey we have gone through, to mend the brokenness in our hearts, and most of all, to ensure that we are rejuvenated to face any post-pandemic challenges.

The theme chosen for the retreat was “I have called you friends” from John 15:15, where Jesus called His disciples His friends because He had made known to them all the knowledge from the heavens above.

During the session, Sr Terecia shared her worries for the campus students; and from the discussion eventually emerged LINOPOT, a way to connect with them.

LINOPOT, an Instagram platform, is a way to connect with Catholic campus students to help them in their struggles.

The IG link for LINOPOT is

Dwana Andrew, the coordinator of CMT, highlighted the importance of keeping in touch with the campus students, especially the new members.

Enlightened with the reflection on the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 30- 37), the members reflected on how relevant is the team today, taking into account talents and availability of its members, challenges in today’s world and how to move forward following the signs of the times.

They were reminded to focus on outreaching to others, especially those left undone during the pandemic.

CMT is looking to welcome new members who want to serve in this ministry, regardless of the background of study or alma mater.

We would like you to also take part in the team’s enthusiasm to serve the Catholic students, to be their eyes and ears, and to be their support system while they’re away from home and far from familiar faces. --CS

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