Catholic teachers encouraged to join CTAM

The Catholic Teachers Association Malaysia (CTAM) organised a Zoom event, Juice Nightz, for Catholic teachers on April 30. A total of 35 participants joined.

May 08, 2021

By Jaclyn  Sharmelee
The Catholic Teachers Association Malaysia  (CTAM) organised a Zoom event,  Juice Nightz, for Catholic teachers  on April 30. A total of 35 participants joined. 

The CTAM is an organisation for  Catholic teachers teaching in any  learning institution, such as kindergartens, primary and secondary  schools, colleges, universities or  working with the Ministry of Education (MOE). It began in 1960 at St  John’s Institution and was registered  in 1999. It is an association where  Catholic teachers come together for  spiritual growth, personal development, self-enrichment and fellowship.

Though it has been around for 61  years, many Catholic teachers are  not aware of CTAM. This virtual  event was aimed to recruit all Catholic teachers to join CTAM.

The virtual meeting began with  some ice-breaking sessions that included a virtual scavenger hunt. The  winners then had to share some information about themselves.

Fr Alvin Ho SJ, the ecclesiastical  assistant, then gave a short sharing  on the history of CTAM and what it  does; i.e: 

–– organise events/activities for  Catholic teachers to have bonding  sessions; 

–– provide support to Catholic  teachers; 

–– guide Catholic teachers who  want to be principals / headmasters in Missionary schools.

Jamie Lim, the CTAM secretary, shared on previous activities  organised in CTAM (Symposiums, Teachers’ Day Celebrations,  etc.) and introduced the 2021-2022  CTAM EXCO committee.

Then three persons shared on  the Power of Volunteering. Lucille  Lopez (Active teacher), Stanislaus  Emmanual (Lecturer) and Elizabeth  Chong (Retired teacher).

Lucille shared on her involvement  with WCCM Christian Meditation  Community Malaysia. She is also  involved with ZIYARA Muslim  Spiritual Care, which provides programmes to train participants from  different faiths and professions on  spirituality in medicine, end of life  care, spiritual assessment, and how  to respond to the spiritual needs of  patients from diverse faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

Stanislaus shared on his social  services with the Orang Asli community, which he calls “Masyarakat  Akar” (provide provisions and free  education). He does food and groceries distribution with his car to the  B40 families. He is also involved in  the Prison Ministry to meet the inmates and motivate them.

Elizabeth Chong shared on her  involvement with poor students in  her previous school (SMK Bukit  Mewah). She collects and distributes  used furniture, electrical appliances,  vegetables, fish, meat and provisions  to the B40 families. She also coordinated the Seremban Flood Aid (November 2020). She visits and counsels the poor and needy families  (help find jobs, find sponsors to buy  laptops and motorbikes, and counsel  domestic violence cases. She provides cash aid and sponsors tuition  for poor athletes (BM, Maths, etc).  She is also actively involved in the  Ministry of the Poor (MOP).

Then the participants had a short  chit chat session. The night concluded with a group photo.

For more information, please  go to the CTAM Facebook page,  CTAM Telegram Group, CTAM  Official Email (ctamsia@gmail. com), & CTAM contacts (President Anne 014-3389182, Secretary  Jamie 017-6945431).

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