Confirmands urged to be in community and mission

“Today is the great feast of the Most Blessed Trinity. Firmly and truly believe in the Three Persons; ONE GOD.

Jun 27, 2014

By Bernard Anthony
“Today is the great feast of the Most Blessed Trinity. Firmly and truly believe in the Three Persons; ONE GOD.

God revealed His true nature to us — Father, Son and Holy Spirit; yet He remained One God.” Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam said this at the Confirmation Mass at the Church of St Francis of Assisi (SFA) on the morning of June 15.

He also said that he was happy to see the assembly praying the Lauds of the day meaningfully. He reminded them to pray for all fathers as it was Father’s Day as well. The Mass was concelebrated with SFA parish priest, Fr Andrew Manickam OFM Cap and visiting priest Fr James Bharaputra SJ from Medan, Indonesia.

In his homily, Archbishop Pakiam said that God so loved the world, that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to redeem us by becoming the sacrificial Lamb. We accept this truth and when we pray and make the sign of the Cross, we affirm our belief in the Truine God. We have to keep in mind what St Paul’s 1 Corinthians says: that faith depends not on human physiology but on the Holy Spirit.

Adding that God is a Community of Three Persons and that He has shared His life with us, we too, become communitarian. The father-and-mother relationship with the baby enables us to acknowledge and appreciate the family unit. Also being baptized into a community of faith brings the realization that God wants this communitarian life of God’s family for us. And as God’s people, we are then united in a parish.

The prelate advised the Confirmands to relate to their parish community and be active participants in BEC gatherings. Even Pope Francis has spoken at length about the BEC.

As for the Joy of the Gospel, BECs bring a new evangelizing in which the Church (parishes) is renewed. “Mission is to bring communion with fellow Catholics and other people of different faiths and even those who have no faith. Be pilgrims of reconciliation; build bridges with others.”

He also emphasized the need for the Confirmands to reach out to others as they receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit that make them effective missionaries of communion. He reminded them not to stifle the Holy Spirit and gave several suggestions on how they could reach out by visiting regularly each week the old folks, the poor, the lonely, the abandoned, etc. Be companions to these people, listen to their stories. He also touched on the migrants that we can share the Good News with.

Fifty-eight young people received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the prelate, witnessed by their parents, godparents, catechists, relatives, friends and the general congregation. The prelate commended the Committee for putting in much effort and preparing the Confirmands to receive this important Sacrament. The Holy Spirit comes with His gifts to empower these Confirmands. He also congratulated the Confirmands and hoped that they would become great missionaries of the Lord.

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