Congregation urged to embody Christ’s teachings

The Chapel of St Joseph celebrated its parish feast day with a triduum from May 1 to 4.

May 17, 2024

Bidor parishioners accompanying the Blessed Sacrament with lighted candles.

By Bernard Anthony
The Chapel of St Joseph celebrated its parish feast day with a triduum from May 1 to 4.

Deacon Richard Wilson, from the Church of St Joseph in Batu Gajah, delivered sermons throughout the four-day celebration, while Fr James Pitchay, the chapel’s administrator and parish priest of the Church of St Mary in Tapah, presided over the Eucharistic celebration.

Under the theme Journeying Together: Communion, Participation, and Mission, each day emphasised a different aspect of community faith. Deacon Richard stressed unity in communion on Day 1, active participation in parish events on Day 2, and the missionary call of all baptised Christians on Day 3. On the feast day, he highlighted St Joseph’s role as a faithful servant and protector of the Holy Family, drawing parallels to our own spiritual journeys.

Fr James encouraged the congregation to embody Christ’s teachings through their actions and to join in the candlelight procession behind the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Bidor town. The procession, lasting 50 minutes, proceeded smoothly, attracting bystanders who admired the rare public display of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament and the statue of St Joseph in this small town.

The celebration concluded with Benediction and a fellowship dinner on the chapel grounds, where Fr James expressed gratitude to Deacon Richard and the faithful for making the feast day memorable and meaningful.

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