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We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Jan 08, 2022

There are many unsung heroes in our midst. They could be ordinary folks who have ordinary jobs and who lead ordinary lives. On any given day, they could pass by us quietly and unnoticed. However, when there comes a great need - a distress call like the recent floods and, before that, the pandemic, it is usually these ordinary people who are the first to come forward to lend a hand. They do not wait, for committees to be formed or for official groups, to be mobilised. They may not have the right qualifications or the necessary experience to deal with such situations, but they come forward with willing hearts and do the best they can. It is these actions and these people that we wish to highlight.

When we were collating ‘flood’ stories to be featured in our previous and current issues, many of these individuals, especially from our Catholic community, preferred anonymity. They did not want their names or their pictures to be published. They came, did the work quietly and left. Some others are still assisting the flood victims in post clean-up work and rebuilding of homes and lives. So their stories will remain untold, but their kind deeds will always be remembered by those whom they have helped. Nevertheless, we also believe that credit should be given where credit is due and we bring to you in this issue the Aftermath of the floods, highlighting some of the ongoing initiatives being undertaken by parishes and Catholic communities, both in the Klang valley and other states in Malaysia.

There is always rejoicing when we welcome a new priest in our midst and we are happy to feature the vocation story of our newly ‘minted’ priest, Fr Michel Dass, in A strong attraction to the priesthood. His is not a dramatic St Paul-like conversion moment but goes to show that God calls each person differently, even in the quiet stillness of one’s heart. We hope that more young people will continue to listen attentively for the call to the priestly and religious life and respond with a resounding ‘Yes’, when God invites them to be labourers in His vineyard.

Speaking of vocations, there is no one better to exemplify what being a disciple of Christ is, than our beloved Holy Father. At 85, Pope Francis shows little signs of slowing down as seen in his busy schedule for 2022. On the global front, we take a look at some subtle, and not so subtle, religious persecutions taking place and how politics is often a major player in these unrests. You can read about this in our commentary section on page 10.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

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