Encountering Fr Prasad: A Journey Deeper into Carmelite Spirituality

During our recent OCDS (Order of Discalced Carmelites Secular) retreat, held from 2–4 June 2024 at the Impiana Roxy Hotel, we had the profound blessing of meeting Fr Prasad.

Jun 17, 2024

OCDS with Fr Prasad (seated R-4) at the Retreat, 2–4 June 2024.

By Jerome Lim, OCDS
During our recent OCDS (Order of Discalced Carmelites Secular) retreat, held from 2–4 June 2024 at the Impiana Roxy Hotel, we had the profound blessing of meeting Fr Prasad. His words and spiritual guidance have deeply touched our heart, leaving a lasting impact on our vocation journey as Secular Carmelites.

Fr Prasad, a Discalced Carmelite Monk and Priest, is also a Professor of Philosophy, Retreat Preacher, Author, Interreligious Dialoguer, and Ecumenist. His diverse background enriched our retreat experience, bringing a depth of wisdom and understanding that was both enlightening and transformative.

Fr Prasad’s teachings on Carmelite spirituality delved into the rich heritage of our tradition, emphasising the importance of a deep, contemplative prayer life as exemplified by St Teresa of Ávila and St John of the Cross. His reflections on the interior castle and the dark night of the soul provided new insights into the mystical path of union with God.

A unique aspect of Fr Prasad’s guidance was his emphasis on the importance of Spiritual Quotient (SQ). He explained that developing our SQ through Carmelite spirituality is essential for reaching out to others with compassion and understanding. Fr Prasad described SQ as the measure of our ability to live out spiritual values in our daily interactions, to practice empathy, and to bring the presence of God into our relationships. By integrating SQ into our lives, we can become more attuned to the needs of those around us, offering them the love and light of Christ through our actions and words.

His ability to convey complex spiritual concepts with simplicity and clarity made his teachings accessible and impactful. Fr Prasad reminded us that true Carmelite spirituality is about seeking God in the silence of our hearts and embracing the divine presence in the ordinary moments of daily life. His words encouraged us to cultivate a habit of interior recollection, fostering a continuous dialogue with God amidst our worldly responsibilities.

What struck us most about Fr Prasad was his genuine humility and warmth. Despite his deep spiritual wisdom, he remained incredibly approachable and friendly. His personal anecdotes and practical advice brought the mystical teachings of the Carmelites to life, making them relatable and applicable to our everyday experiences. This combination of profound insight and personal connection made our interactions deeply meaningful.

As a Secular Carmelite, our vocation journey is one of constant growth and deeper immersion into the contemplative spirit of our order. The encounter with Fr Prasad during this retreat has been a significant milestone. His inspiration has rekindled our commitment to the Carmelite way of life, urging us to seek God with greater fervor and dedication.

In essence, meeting Fr Prasad was more than an inspiring experience; it was a transformative one. His words continue to resonate within us, guiding our steps as we strive to live out the Carmelite charism. We are profoundly grateful for his influence and look forward to integrating his teachings into our daily life, strengthening our journey as a Secular Carmelite. This retreat has not only deepened our understanding of Carmelite spirituality but also renewed our zeal for living a life of prayer, humility, and love, in the true spirit of the Carmel. Fr Prasad’s teachings on Spiritual Quotient has equipped us with the tools to reach out to others more effectively, embodying the compassion and grace that lie at the heart of our Carmelite vocation.--Today's Catholic

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