How a programme changed her life

I attended a life changing programme called the School of Mission from 30 June 2013 to 3 November 2013. The theme of my school was The Chosen Ones.

May 29, 2014

By Irene Chin
I attended a life changing programme called the School of Mission from 30 June 2013 to 3 November 2013. The theme of my school was The Chosen Ones. I would summarize my SOM experience as the truth journey from my head to my heart. SOM closed on Nov 3 with 18 transformed young people from seven different nations who were all ready to proclaim Christ to the ends of the earth. My offerings for the closing Mass was Life Centre (an ongoing initiative in KK that aims to impact a transformed generation), my trust and my will. I would describe my adventure since coming home end of November as a journey of RADICAL TRUST. My discernment on my next step has been one that was accompanied by mountains of fears and doubts. Praise be to God for my brothers and sisters from the Life Centre, more intimately known as Lifers, who helped me to realize my heart’s stirring,

I came to a decision to answer God’s call, that is to return to the ICPE Mission in New Zealand for a year of Community Experience (CE) As I wait for my departure to New Zealand, I decided to be active in sharing my experiences. God has opened doors for me to bless others. Since December I have actively shared with St. Simon Youth Ministry, Friends of Jesus’ Passover (FOJP) Preparation Group KK, Sacred Heart Chinese Youth, Upper Room Young Adult Prayer Ministry, Star of Yahweh Covenanted Community and the Forerunner Ministry.

Apart from that I have also conducted JumpStart Workshops in KK and Singapore as well as ministering to the Lifefire Campus Ministry Leaders during their annual leaders’ retreat.

These past six months have been action packed and filled with emotion, some happy and some sad. Through it all, I am grateful that God is faithful to me. One of the biggest things that happened was the demise of my beloved father, Andrew. He returned the Lord on Feb 25, 2014, received his Sacrament of Baptism on Feb 23 and was anointed on Feb 24. It happened so fast that all of us in the family were in a state of shock.

Looking back I can only thank God for the gift of salvation for my father and I recognized my sensitivity to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to baptize my father which was the fruit of my mission immersion.

Things will never be the same but I am grateful. I have also come to realize that the Lord has opened doors for ministering and since then, I have been on mission every weekend though I was spending alternate weeks in KK and Sandakan.

The other drama was my NZ work visa application being declined. I was on the verge of giving up but thanks to my supportive brothers and sisters in the Lord, I gave my surrendered yes to Jesus. God performed another miracle when my visa was reassessed and granted without the need for reapplying. It became so apparent that this is His will and I am willing to walk on this journey. This, my dear friends is the fruit of RADICAL TRUST.

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