Keeping the Merdeka spirit alive amidst the pandemic

Keeping the Merdeka spirit alive amidst the pandemic

Sep 11, 2021

How do I keep my Merdeka / Malaysia spirit alive during this pandemic? For me, since we can’t go out to celebrate, I play patriotic songs during the day such as Keranamu Malaysia, Jalur Gemilang and sing them with my siblings. We love to reminisce how the soldiers, prime ministers and others freed our country from being colonised. Merdeka/Malaysia is about all different races of people uniting to save our country from being colonised. Thus, my mother suggested to my siblings and I to channel the profits from our business to those who have been affected by this whole pandemic, especially the rural areas where my grandmother lives. So we help by buying rations for them irrespective or race or religion as we live in a multicultural country. — Lusiana Bangi

Malaysia Day and COVID-19. These things have entwined over the last two years and has curtailed our freedom. Some of us have felt devastated by the impact of the pandemic in our lives. There are fears of the present and the future. The possibilities are limitless but one thing remains the same and that is that Jesus will always lift us up in times of despair and anguish. He will still stretch his hand out for us no matter how tough our live is. Do not be hesitant to appreciate and uphold the liberation of your nation due to a pandemic but instead relish on it as the price of peace was paid by her  founding fathers decades ago. — Isaac a/l Emile Peter Lourdes , Penang

‘Malaysia Day. It is pretty much ironic given the current state of affairs. Despite this, we are known to be stubborn - the White Flag Movement, awareness being made on domestic violence, food donation banks, suicide, public policy making. The Malaysia I was born and bred in is still the same. Her spirit is still very much alive in all of us. We are people who persevere no matter how hard it is and how many tears we have shed. So this Malaysia Day, don't give up on hope. Be kind to one another. Give offerings when you can. The Lord knows. He hasn’t given up on you or on Malaysia. So, you shouldn’t as well. — Nicole Lim, Church of St Ignatius, PJ

To me, keeping the Malaysia Day spirit alive amidst the pandemic is about being strong. As of right now, the country is in a bad state. People are going hungry and businesses have closed down. With all these considered it's easy to think that Malaysia is done for. It's easy to think that it's time to move to seemingly greener pastures. However, to me Malaysia is more than its political situation and standard of living. In these trying times I keep in mind the country that was before the pandemic. A country where it's people value people first and foremost over work, results and other material things. A country where people live simply, taking life one step at a time. These and others are things about Malaysia that no amount of turmoil and strife can take away. No matter the situation now, I will not give up on Malaysia. I will stay and hope until things get back to normal and that I think is what it means to keep the Malaysia spirit alive. — Jayden Pradeep, Church of the Good Shepherd, KL

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