Learning about the auxiliary of the apostolate

An Auxiliary of the Apostolate awareness weekend was held at Majodi Centre, April 29 and 30.

May 19, 2023

An Auxiliary of the Apostolate awareness weekend was held at Majodi Centre, April 29 and 30. Organised by the Malacca Johore Vocation Promotion Team, the weekend was facilitated by four auxiliaries from the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur. There were eight women participants.

The weekend began with an introductory session — discovering God’s dream and purpose for each person. Participants were guided with Scripture verses, leading to personal reflection and prayer time. They were given quiet time for journaling and writing exercises.

After Sunday Mass the following day, the participants met Bishop Bernard Paul, who was present for most of the sessions. More focused and intense sessions followed. The facilitators’ sharing gave participants a better understanding of the vocation. The engagement and exchanges of questions during the Q&A session helped clear some doubts and queries on how to remain single and give up all to God for His Kingdom.

As Bishop Bernard concluded the weekend, he encouraged the women to be the “armour bearers”, and to have great faith in serving and supporting the King with dedication and loyalty, and most importantly, with the heart of a servant. “By studying the Word of God, one can build up strength and be armed with the truth of the Gospel to stand firm against enemy attack”, he said. He cited Mary as an example of the perfect amour bearer we should follow.

Through citing Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation Joy of the Gospel, the bishop inspired the women to be joy-filled evangelisers, have a keen sense of mission, hearing the cries of the poor and the earth; being mindful that we are all brothers and sisters in faith and keeping the importance of working together in our families, workplaces, ministries, and society.

He reminded the attendees that the Holy Spirit works in each one of us. “We are more than who we are, we can go beyond and walk the extra mile in our discipleship. We need to pause and listen to what the Spirit is saying and be open to the bigness of God, live life to the fullest, and desire to be more by doing more. It is by giving that we experience the fullness and joy of living”, he exhorted.

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