Malacca Johore Diocese has a new deacon

Seminarian Aaron Alammalay, pic, was ordained a transitional deacon on May 23 at the Church of St Joseph.

Jun 02, 2023

By Gwen Manickam
Seminarian Aaron Alammalay, pic, was ordained a transitional deacon on May 23 at the Church of St Joseph.

Bishop Bernard Paul presided over the Mass with Msgr Michcel Mannayagam, Fr Jason Wong, Fr Sixtus Pitah OFM concelebrating and Deacon Leslie Petrus assisting.

Bro Aaron chose Rejoice O hearts that seek the Lord (Psalm 105:3) as the theme for his ordination.

In his homily, Bishop Bernard emphasised the importance of preparation and discernment in responding to God’s call. He highlighted that Jesus Himself spent 30 years preparing before starting His ministry, and there was a period of 50 days of preparation before Pentecost. The bishop encouraged Aaron to recognise his years in the seminary, pastoral exposure, and diaconate-inaction as essential preparation for his future role as a priest.

Bishop Bernard discussed the significance of building a strong foundation, using the metaphor of rocks. He mentioned fidelity, trust, gentleness, acceptance, respectfulness, and faith as the necessary “rocks” for a strong foundation in the priesthood and marriage. He also referred to the six Ws from the Synodal church, which are: to be welcoming, warm, wide, Word-based, worshipful, and witnessing.

Addressing Aaron directly, Bishop Bernard urged him to let love flow through his life and to serve both at the altar and the poor, as the role of a deacon entails. After the ordination, Aaron was vested with a stole and dalmatic and received the book of the Gospel. He then assisted the bishop in the Eucharistic celebration.

In his expression of gratitude, Deacon Aaron emphasised the joy and privilege of serving the people. He acknowledged the support and guidance of Bishop Emeritus Paul Tan and Bishop Bernard throughout his formation. He thanked his family, including his late mother and grandmother, his brother, and other relatives. Aaron concluded by requesting everyone’s blessings and prayers, emphasising the importance of prayer in his journey. “I also thank my family: bapak, my late Mak, my late grandma, my brother Adam, Uncle Charlie, and Uncle Richard.”

In closing, Bishop Bernard thanked the God of vocations, the God who still believes in calling men and women to share in the mission and the call of Jesus Christ. He thanked Fr Moses Yap and Fr Sixtus from the host parish. He also thanked all present, including parishioners from the Muar church where Deacon Aaron will continue to serve until his priestly ordination.

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