Malacca Johore Diocese News Update #118

A time to become a civilised Malaysia, with a concern for the poor and B40s, to save the nation from the greedy, the racists, the bigots and the profiteers. The Christmas and CNY air was different this time.

Feb 03, 2023

Hello again. A blessed and belated Gong Xi Fa Cai to the Chinese community of the Malacca Johore Diocese (MJD). After two weeks of absence, the F12 resumes. We needed a break, a time to refresh, reflect and return to work. It is back to work. Work never ends. Work piles up when we take five.

Refreshing Times. New year! New beginnings! New government! New inclusive national policies. Build people, no more edifices. A new Minor Basilica for the local Church. A time to become a civilised Malaysia, with a concern for the poor and B40s, to save the nation from the greedy, the racists, the bigots and the profiteers. The Christmas and CNY air was different this time. Some signs of celebrating one another’s festivals have appeared. When leaders show the way, people follow. When laws against religious intolerance or sedition are practised without fear or favour, people get in line. Pray for this freshness to prevail….for this freshness to permeate every corner of our nation.

A Thought for the Week:
Not Defeated. They say that Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65; and Jack Ma, who couldn't get a job in KFC, founded Ali Baba.

Colonel Sanders and Jack Ma are saying: Age is just a number.

Only those who keep trying, succeed. Seeing opportunities, creative response to people’s needs and courage to try, make things happen. “Seize the moment”, Robin Williams in Dead Poets’ Society challenged. Stop seeing problems and difficulties. See new options and new missions.

Announcements for this Week

1. The ACD2022 or Annual Clergy Discernment took place from January 17-19. It was a time to Discover, Discern, Design and Deliver, undertaken by MJD Clergy.

2. A call to single women, professionals and non-professionals, adults of ages 30- 50 in Malacca and Johore. Join the Auxiliaries as consecrated “women on mission”, committed to the Bishop of the Diocese. The first meeting with the Auxiliaries of the KL Archdiocese is in Melaka on the February 18, 19; or in Majodi Centre Plentong on March 24, 25.

3. Caritas Malacca Johore Diocese Office of Human Development Assembly is an annual gathering of all caregivers, volunteers, frontliners, charity bodies, parish Society of St Vincent de Paul and Parish Office of Human Development ministries. A time to unite, recollect, recharge and reach out as the Good Samaritan. Come to be informed, formed and transformed for the Glory of God.

This week’s Question and Query.


1. According to The Star, the Malaysia Madani or Civil Malaysia slogan conceptualised by the Anwar administration is about reforming Malaysia into a country 

-- that believes in humanity and good values such as fair, just and effective governance,
-- that prioritises the needs of the people. 
-- that stops its obsession with measuring success solely through economic development and numbers. 
-- that sees the importance to develop the country’s humanity.

2. The word Madani is an acronym made up of six core values, namely keMampanan (Sustainability), KesejAhteraan (Prosperity), Daya cipta (Innovation), hormAt (Respect), keyakiNan (Trust) and Ihsan (Compassion).

3. According to PM Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the new slogan is also meant to:

-- reset the country’s direction when it comes to race and religion, 
-- emphasise that Malaysia’s pillar would still be the Malay majority with an emphasis on the principles of Islam, the Malay language and Malay rights.

Pope Francis said: Certainly, the virus of war is more difficult to overcome than the viruses that compromise our bodies, because it comes, not from outside of us, but from within the human heart corrupted by sin.”

We, Catholics, have a God-given call and mission, to be more inclusive, creative, bridge-building citizens. Make an effort to know the other. Befriend the unmet and unknown. Watch out for the viruses that divide, that poison the human in us. May God bless us to be a blessing to one another.

Bishop Bernard Paul

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