Malacca Johore Diocese News Update #97

At last the anti-hopping law was passed unanimously. Some were unhappy. The 11 absentees had excuses. But many were happy.

Aug 05, 2022

Greetings and Peace, dear People of God.
At last the anti-hopping law was passed unanimously. Some were unhappy. The 11 absentees had excuses. But many were happy. No more Sheraton moves. No more back door governments and no to political frogs. Pope Francis embarked on a penitential pilgrimage to Canada. He faced the indigenous peoples, sought their forgiveness, and prayed for healing at Lake St Anne, referred to as the Lake of God by the Nakota Sioux, on July 26, 2022.

“Sow! Sow! Sowing Time!” - Quick! I want it now! I want to see it happening! Why so slow? These are the sentiments of the impatient, the unrealistic and the unreasonable.

Let’s learn from the sower. When he sows, he considers the seed, the ground, the planting and the fruiting. Everything begins with the seed. The seed requires the right ground. The planting must follow next. The fruits, the yield or the results happen in its time, not our time. Something happens but it occurs in its time.

We want change. We want reconciliation. We want healing. We want results. And we want them right away, now, in our time. The reality is, we may or may not see them in our time.

We must believe in the power of sowing. We pay forward. We spark a miracle. It may be your five loaves and two fishes or your grain of wheat or a little act of kindness. Believe that each of us is a seed of God, sowed into a religious or political or educational or social arena. Break into, to burst forth!

Pope Francis sowed the seed of healing, the healing of the history of the indigenous Canadians. The seeds of making politicians accountable to the voters, have begun.

Thought for the Week: Money! Money!
Former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, once said: “I took a taxi one day to the BBC office for an interview. When I arrived, I asked the driver to wait for me for forty minutes until I got back, but the driver apologised and said, ‘I can't, because I have to go home to listen to Winston Churchill’s speech’. I was amazed and delighted with the man’s desire to listen to my speech! So I took out ten pounds and gave it to the taxi driver without telling him who I was. When the driver collected the money, he said: ‘I will wait for hours until you come back sir! And let Churchill go to hell!’” Something to think about: ABBA sang “Money! Money! Money! It’s a rich man’s world.” Money talks. You can see how principles have been modified against money; nations sold for money; honour for money; families split for money; friends separated for money; people killed for money; and people being made slaves to money. What decides for you?

Announcements for this Week:
1. The Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia Singapore Brunei (CBCMSB) begins next week from August 8-12, 2022. The Bishops will meet the Heads of Religious Congregations. An important item in the agenda is the “consolidation of pre-synod consultations” of all the 11 arch/dioceses of the Conference.

2. Preparations for the Seven-Sacraments Pilgrim Walk is underway. It is an invitation for all Catholics and all language groups, to re-discover and renew their call and mission through a seven-step sacramental journey. A meditative walk to re-discover the Godgiven graces in the Church.

This week’s Question and Query.
Q asks: What is bias? Are most of us biased?

1. What is bias? How does it work? Well, if you’ve ever relied on your own subjective experience rather than objective facts when making a decision, then you’ve been led by bias. Bias is most common when people are making judgment calls – and it’s no secret how commonplace judgment errors are, especially when it comes to business strategy.

2. The key message here is: We can’t eliminate bias. Bias can’t be rooted out entirely. But we can take steps to reduce its effects. Here’s the bad news: bias is hard to banish. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be. NASA is full of biased individuals, but it’s also established collective processes that counteract those individual biases.

3. So how can we follow NASA’s lead and diminish bias in our workplace?

# Establish collective processes that counteract those individual biases
# Reconsider your leadership approach, rather than being the person who makes the final call, aided by gut instinct alone,
# Be someone who organises how choices are presented.
# Become a decision architect instead of a decision maker.

“Religion lives in the past and in the future. Spirituality lives in the present.” A fresh week awaits you. Seize the day. Seize the opportunity. When God opens the door, no one can close it. When God closes the door, no one can open it. The Lord waits for us.

Bishop Bernard Paul
August 5, 2022

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