Man’s Greed

God fashioned man out of earth

May 15, 2015

God fashioned man out of earth
In His image and breathed life into him
Woman He created for him to love
Dominion over creation, He gave him
Eden’s Paradise, earthly heaven as his treasure
Man, yet succumbed to Evil One’s temptation
Greed banished him from heavenly pleasure
To till the earth for food; to earth, his destination
Greed begets even more deprivation
Man's insatiable greed has no limitation
He has learnt not despite Eden’s first lesson
In his heart, greed to be like gods, lives on
Man looks for strange gods to trust
He worships the god of material riches
Falls at the feet of goddess of lust
Bows before goddess of envious witches
His heart wears pride as the devil’s crest
Prowls to steal, kill and destroy: No glitches!
Powers of darkness, his propriety
Offers food to the god of gluttony
Religion abused in the name of Almighty
Alibi for rapes, killings; massacres for tyranny
Rich get richer; the poor suffer in dire poverty
Eco-green sacrificed to fatten an economy
Rapid industrialization, at expense of man’s health
No regard for our children’s futurity
Insane to abuse and rape Mother Earth!
Recklessly tampering with his posterity
Suffer man with floods, drought and eco-pollution
Mother Nature, suffocates in global warming
Flash weather changes, flash floods displacing thousands
Displaced millions more in nations that are warring
Coveting a people with self-stamped ideological warrants
Marriage institution wearing, gay-marriages in
Cultural norms challenged and evolving
Social-religious values trampled, crumpling
Is this the apocalypse man’s hastening?
Has man begun his own grave digging?

Paul Sebastian
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