Michel Dass ordained as a transitional deacon

The Transitional Diaconate Ordination of Seminarian Michel Dass was held at the Archbishop’s Chapel, Cardijn House, on Sept 11.

Sep 18, 2021

Archbishop Julian Leow presents Deacon Michel with the Book of the Gospels.

By Gwen Manickam
The Transitional Diaconate Ordination of Seminarian Michel Dass was held at the Archbishop’s Chapel, Cardijn House, on Sept 11. The ceremony, originally scheduled for July 24, was postponed due to the Movement Control Order (MCO). Only 20 people were physically present in the chapel while others followed the multilingual Mass on the ArchKL-TV channel.

Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur, Most Rev Julian Leow presided over the Mass with Fr Christopher Soosaipillai, Fr David Arulanantham, Fr Peter Anthoney, Fr Bonaventure Rayappan, and Fr Surain Durai Raj concelebrating.

The Rite of Ordination began after the Liturgy of the Word. Fr Christopher called and presented the candidate. Upon the recommendation of those responsible, he testified that seminarian Michel was found worthy to take on his next step towards his priestly ordination.

In his homily, Archbishop Leow said, “Strengthened by the gift of the Holy Spirit, he will help the bishop and his priests in the ministry of the Word, of the altar and of charity, showing himself to be a servant to all. It will be his duty, at the bishop’s direction, to exhort believers and unbelievers alike and to instruct them in holy doctrine.

“I am happy that you, Michel, have chosen this theme Shepherd me O God – that you recognise you are a sheep, first and foremost, following after Jesus. A deacon is a minister of Jesus Christ, who came among his disciples as one who served, to do the will of God from the heart. Serve the people in love and joy, as you would the Lord. Since no one can serve two masters, look upon all defilement as serving false gods. “Michel, you are to be a teacher of the Word, a minister of the Sacraments, and a leader of the community.” The rite was followed by Deacon Michel’s commitment to celibacy, the promise of obedience to the archbishop and his successors, and the litany of supplication. After laying prostrate before the altar, Deacon Michel received his stole and dalmatic and was presented with the Book of the Gospels by Archbishop Leow.

Speaking in Tamil, English and Bahasa Malaysia, Deacon Michel thanked Jesus for choosing him and making this celebration possible. He thanked his parents, brothers and extended family profusely for supporting him on his journey. He also expressed his appreciation to the Tampin community and its parish priest, Fr Peter.

“I loved my time at the seminary and cherish the bond of friendship shared with my brothers. I am also grateful to all our formators and Archbishop Leow, who was my initiation director.”

Archbishop Leow also offered some words of encouragement to the new deacon “Michel, never allow yourself to be turned away from the hope offered by the Gospel, this hope that remains in our hearts, especially at these times when many of us may feel disheartened, hopeless or helpless. I pray that as a deacon, you will not lose this hope but will instead remember the treasures God has showered upon you as a deacon today, as a disciple throughout your life, and as a priest very soon.”

After a short break to spend time in Tampin with his family and parishioners, Deacon Michel will remain at Cardijn House until the transfers next year.

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