Miss Me? An online “reunion” between Christ and Campus Youth

The Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) recently organised the event, Miss Me? It was an online “reunion” between Christ and campus youth, valuing more deeply the sacraments of communion and confession in this COVID-19 time.

Nov 12, 2021

By Arcelia Sheira anak Duat
“Come home with me and refresh your soul.” (1 Kings 13:7).

The Kuching Campus Ministry (KCM) recently organised the event, Miss Me? It was an online “reunion” between Christ and campus youth, valuing more deeply the sacraments of communion and confession in this COVID-19 time.

The programme was a collaboration between the Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC), seven seminarians of St Peter’s College Major Seminary Kuching (SPC) and Sr Clothilda Delicia Francis Xavier Klumai from the Sisters of St Francis Sarawak (SSFS).

Around 68 youth registered for this event. They were mostly from the Kuching Campus Ministry, which includes ILKKM Kuching, IPGK Batu Lintang, IPGK Tun Abdul Razak, Politeknik Kuching Sarawak, SEGi College Sarawak, UiTM Kampus Samarahan and UNIMAS, as well as campuses outside Kuching like Politeknik METRO Betong, UiTM Mukah, IPGK Rajang, UPM, and Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. The event was also attended by youth from different parishes in Kuching as well as Sibu and Miri Dioceses.

To begin the session, KAYC presented two videos on the Eucharist and the sacrament of Confession, to help the youth get ready and deepen their understanding of the session. The videos showed what Catholics should do during Holy Communion, as well as the importance of Confession.

At 2.00pm, the emcee, Azellecrystal Jok, greeted everyone and introduced the theme and objective of the programme: to ENCOURAGE/MOTIVATE campus youth to go back to Jesus through the sacraments (the Eucharist and Confession especially) as we gradually go back to the ‘old normal’ but with certain parametres.

Bro Canisius then led the opening prayer, followed by an icebreaker led by Matthaiz Risob and Arcelia Sheira. Two questions were asked during the ice-breaking session: 1. What have you missed most during this pandemic? The three main answers were “praise & worship”, “gathering” and “friends” whereas for question 2: In one word, what does Holy Mass mean to you? “Connection with God” and “love” were the most common answers from participants.

There were two sessions which were both interactive and communicative. The first session on Confession, presented by Bro Jonathan Rao, SPC, was to help the participants understand the purpose of this sacrament and the need to go for Confession. He also explained about the general absolution and shared some quotes from the saints on Confession. There was also a quiz regarding the Sacrament of Confession, and the winners were Claudia binti Jephari from ILKKM Kuching and Jessica Lee Yu Li from IPGK Tun Abdul Razak.

In session two, Sr Clothida Delicia reminded the young people to always be in communion with God. This is because we receive the Body of Christ as spiritual food to give us strength, for God is the source of our strength.

The programme closed with Mass celebrated by Fr Ramon Borja. During the homily, he said to love is to listen, and the more we listen, the more we love.

Testimonies by the youth:

“The “Miss Me?” event was both interesting and eye opening as I was able to learn many new things from the event. It was a brand-new experience for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.” — Jessica Lee Yu Li, IPGK Tun Abdul Razak

“It meant a lot as I gained knowledge about the meaning of repentance and how to receive the Eucharist. I hope such events will continue in the future.” — Ramles Manggoi anak James Brook, SEGi College Sarawak

“I can forgive the sins of others, but I cannot forget them. When it comes to Jesus, He forgives and forgets all our sins whenever we confess to Him.” — Karen Bulan Jeffrey, UNIMAS

“For me, this programme helped in deepening my faith, especially during the post-pandemic period. As we know, this pandemic has prevented us from gathering as we used to during the old days. Therefore, through this programme, I learned about Confession shared by Bro Jonathan, which I never knew before. Besides that, Sr Del’s sharing touched my heart and opened my eyes to not be afraid in replying to God’s call. Finally, I was also touched by Fr Ramon’s homily: “The more we listen, the more we love.” Hence, I hope there will be more programmes like this in the future.” — Yoviyana Donattela anak Pait, Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Shah Alam

“Shalom and thank you for inviting me to the “Miss Me?” virtual event. Throughout the whole programme, I learned a lot from the sharings and deepened my understanding of Confession and Holy Communion, which is very interesting and exciting as well. I really miss a lot of things that we used to do before the lockdown/COVID. I am looking forward to another event like this and hopefully I can make it. Also, I hope we can gather in person after the situation improves. Overall, in my opinion, there was no problem throughout the event. Thank you and God bless.” — Adrian Mark, St Joseph Cathedral, Kuching

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