MJCC LIT Camp 2023

The Malacca Johore Catholics on Campus (MJCC) Leaders-In-Training (L.I.T.) Camp 2023 was held October 20 and 21 at the MAJODI Centre, Plentong.

Nov 03, 2023

with Fr William Pillai after Mass at St James’ Chapel.

By Karen Chan

The Malacca Johore Catholics on Campus (MJCC) Leaders-In-Training (L.I.T.) Camp 2023 was held October 20 and 21 at the MAJODI Centre, Plentong.

This annual leadership camp, organised by MAJODI (MJD) Young People’s Network, aims to train and equip the MJD campus leaders with the knowledge and skills to serve their campus groups better. The participants were made up of 28 leaders and future leaders from eight Catholic Student Societies (CSSs) and Christian Fellowships (CFs) from Melaka and Johore.

The sessions included three talks and three workshops. Each session focused on the Whats and Whys, touching on leadership, discipleship and mission. Next was a workshop on the Hows, which included leadership styles, decision-making and communication skills. The diocesan strategy of embracing the 4E’s — Encounter, Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Evangelisation — was woven into every session, to nurture leaders who not only received training but also developed a profound, personal connection with God. These leaders were then equipped to embark on missions, continuing their journey alongside God. Another highlight of the programme was the evening sports play that nurtured teamwork through fun bonding moments with captain ball and frisbee matches. The prayer times and sharing included guided meditation, Lectio Divina, and High Low God moment sharing.

A big thank you to Fr William Pillai for celebrating Mission Sunday Mass with the students at the Chapel of St James.

Several participants have shared the following testimonies on MJCC LIT Camp 2023:

-- “I learnt various skills and tools to apply in my leadership journey with CSS, and how I can improve to be a better leader.” — Bryan Yap, CSS GIFT 

-- “I learnt about what it takes to be a leader and a follower of Christ.” — Dana Eve, CF EPIC 

-- “I learnt the skills to be a leader so that I can share it with the next committee.” — Shayne Louie, CSS CHRIST

As one of the efforts to build and assist the campus groups in MJD especially post-pandemic, and under the continuous guidance and accompaniment of the MJDYPN team, we pray that by empowering the student leaders during the MJCC LIT Camp 2023, they would be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired from the camp and serve their respective CSS’s and CF’s more effectively. This growth will enable these communities to be student-led, for students, and united in their shared purpose of glorifying God.

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