MJD News Update #48

The pandemic appears to be in overdrive, and the calls for the DG’s resignation have started. The name of the game is scapegoating and laying blame. No one has yet said sorry in the Bolehland.

Jul 17, 2021

Greetings and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, dear People of God.

Making mistakes, resorting to “trial and error” and going through many tries to achieve the best outcome is the story often told. Those who wised up, learnt; while the arrogant ended up destroying themselves and others. Metanoia, repentance or “the about turn” is a feature in salvation history. This is much needed in secular history. Make mistakes. Admit them. Take responsibility for them. People forgive and are forgiving. A writer said: God always forgives. Man sometimes forgives. But nature never forgives

Denial times are here. Peter denied knowing the Lord. Bloomberg called us a failed nation. A minister reacted. The news media is hot with shifting alliances, convening of parliament, talk of a new PM and more.

Fake news! Seditious talk! Not me! They scream. The pandemic appears to be in overdrive, and the calls for the DG’s resignation have started. The name of the game is scapegoating and laying blame. No one has yet said sorry in the Bolehland. No one takes responsibility for the wastage and the leakages. The greed for money and power has tarnished this beautiful nation.

A friend reminded me of the two mothers who came to King Solomon, fighting over their baby. One party had no love for the nation and was ready to cut it up; divide up, sell out. We need a King Solomon to end this mess. Lies can be believed. Denial over time blinds us.

1.0 Thought for the Week:


The Ministry of Agriculture decreed that sparrows were a menace to crops and should be exterminated. When this was done, hoards of insects that sparrows normally feed on descended on the harvest and began to ravage the crops, whereupon the Ministry of Agriculture came up with the idea of costly pesticides. The pesticides made the food expensive.

They also made it a hazard to health. Too late it was discovered that it was the sparrows which, through feeding on the crops, had managed to keep the food wholesome and inexpensive.

Something to consider
Before rushing for a better solution, consider what is already in place. Do not fix what already works. Improve what can be improved. Always seek excellence and the best for those in your care.

2.0 Announcements for this week:

2.1 The latest on the pandemic: We have passed the 11,000 mark. We have been likened to India and Italy due to the escalating cases and the critical need for medical front liners and emergency equipment. The Delta variant has been detected in the Klang Valley. There is an urgent appeal for aid and volunteers and calls for the conversion of halls, stadiums, and fields to house the critically ill.

2.2 There is no indication of when churches can open for liturgy, worship, gatherings or socialising. We worship God in spirit and in truth. The time to learn to pray is now.

2.3 July 25, 2021 has been declared “First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly” by Pope Francis. An online Mass can be set aside to remember them and also those who have passed on. Offer a Mass for them.

2.4 The Caritas-MJDOHD reports that the need for help among the poor and needy has risen sharply; 2,000 families, not including foreigners, migrants, and squatters, have registered for “Bantuan Dapur” for the month of June. BECs have been described as ‘salt and light’ by observers for their foodbanks, neighbourliness, sheltering the homeless and finding jobs for them.

St Louis Church in Kluang, together with the Sikh Temple, has embarked on a three-month project to feed the hungry daily. The Caritas POHD Sacred Heart Cathedral provides daily meals at Joy’s Corner. To all of you out there, caring and serving, go beyond. Set them up to be “berdikari”, to stand on their own feet. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

3.0 This Week’s Question & Query

The Q asks: How can we, the young people, make a difference?

3.1 Pope Francis cited Venerable Carlos Acutis, an Italian teenager who “knew how to use the new communications technology to transmit the Gospel, to communicate values and beauty” as an example. The Pope quoted these words of Carlos Acutis to the young people: “Everyone is born as an original, but many people end up dying as photocopies”. Don’t let that happen to you.

3.2 Then the young were reminded to follow the advice of Pedro Aruppe: “Fall in love with God. Stay in love and let that decide everything”.

St Alberto Hurtado showed ‘how to live the gospel’. Being an apostle is not about wearing a badge, not only about speaking the truth, not carrying or possessing a torch … it is about living the Gospel, being transformed in Christ, being that light, living a full life and not becoming careless in our sacred responsibility as “helmsman of a ship”. We hold the steering wheel of our lives.

3.3 For this to happen, one’s conscience must be formed. One must recognise God’s work in one’s daily life and grow in the virtue of prudence. The disciples were going in the wrong direction on the road to Emmaus, when Jesus guided them to ‘recognise, interpret and choose’ the right direction.

Young people, you can make a difference by being originals, not photocopies.

Thank you for reading. Let us continue to build God’s Kingdom together. See. Judge. Act. The simplest discernment tool. Overcome lies and denials with God’s Word. God bless you. Continue to be safe and keep one another safe.

Bishop Bernard Paul

July 16, 2021

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