MJD News Update #67

The WYD 2021 that coincided with the feast of Christ the King was an enlightening time, with a dialogue session.

Nov 27, 2021

Greetings and Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, dear People of God.

A blessed new year as the liturgical year ends and the Advent season begins. The WYD 2021 that coincided with the feast of Christ the King was an enlightening time, with a dialogue session. Throughout the MJD, young people of both genders, of all ages, races, cultures, and languages connected online via Zoom.

Enlightening Times. The Feast of Christ the King opened discussions on today’s leadership types. Outlined were manmade kings, power seeking self-made ones; and anointed God-sent leaders. The Melaka election was a good case study. The popular votes painted a different picture, though it was a more than 2/3 majority by seats. The defeated and the many analysts are conducting post-mortems. What did the electorate vote for? For political stability? For “bossku”? For removing the frogs? For money? What did they vote for? What will we vote for at the next Pilihan Raya Umum? The world and the Church need colourblind servant leaders who hear the cry of the poor and the earth, and who come to serve without fear or favour.

A Thought for the Week: My Brother.
Someone once met a lad going to school, long before the days when transport was provided. The lad was carrying on his back a smaller boy who was clearly lame and unable to walk.

The stranger said to the lad, “Do you carry him to school every day?”

“Yes,” said the boy. “That’s a heavy burden for you to carry,” said the stranger.

“He’s not heavy,” said the boy. “He’s my brother.”

Just a thought: No burden is ever too heavy when it is received and carried in love.

Read this sometime back: “Burdens shared are halved; joys shared are doubled”.

Announcements for this Week:

1. Entering liturgical Year C: The MJD prepares to complete the diocesan level Synodal Process and consultations, launch the MJD50 Diocesan prayer and the Hymn to “prepare the way”. As a Presbyterium, the felt need was to rebuild the community, the leadership and the ministries. The pandemic exposed weak, uncommitted and fearful community leaders and organisations. Going slow but the aim is to provide pastoral care for all ages, vaccinated, the unvaccinated and the antivaxxers.

2. Warnings of another outbreak are out. Be wary. Be watchful. Be safe. Vaccination does not guarantee. Sanitise. Safedistance. Shield with face masks.

3. The seminarians will be back for their term break. There is one in Kuching Seminary; four in Penang Seminary; three in pastoral; two new applicants for the 2022 intake.

4. The MJD50, the golden jubilee of the diocese, begins its launch with united prayer and hymn, with stories of faith shared online. All celebrations begin and end with preparations.

This week’s Question and Query.

The Q asks: Hearing God?

How can this be? Hearing God begins with “Saying Yes to God”.

1. Faith in God is not just faith to believe in spiritual ideas. It is to have confidence in Love itself, in Reality itself, that God is in Reality and that God is revealed in everything. Faith is about learning to say yes to the moment right in front of you. Only after you say yes do you recognise that Christ is here, in this person, and in this event, that God is in all things.

2. As we say yes to God, we become God’s work of art, where love is stronger than death, Christ has risen in you. Love and life become one and the same thing. The love moves to say yes.

Thank you for reading. The Book of Revelations reminds me that “in Christ Jesus, we make all things new”. We build or gather with the Lord or we build in vain and scatter the flock.

Let us continue “Building His Kingdom” Together.

Bishop Bernard Paul
November 26, 2021

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