Not just any piece of cake

God became man to turn creatures into sons; not simply to produce better men of the old kind but to produce a new kind of man.

May 27, 2022

                                              Word Made Fresh Nicholas Lye

During my recent trip to London, a friend of mine introduced me to what she claimed was the best cheesecake in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. When I first heard about it from her, I was still imagining the typical cheesecake slice you often see in cafes or cake shops, and wondered how good it could really be.

Still, I got curious, and decided to go in search of this highly acclaimed piece of cake.

When I finally found the place she had directed me to, and ordered the only thing I was there for, I was surprised to have the waiter place on my table a dessert that looked NOTHING like your typical cheesecake! As I later found out, it was a Middle Eastern recipe and consisted of a complicated mix of ingredients which included feta cheese, honey, roasted almonds, blueberries, oregano leaves and a crispy pastry base called kadaif.

The way it was made looked really complex, yet the taste of it was SIMPLY OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD! Every ingredient you might not have thought of putting into a cheesecake somehow worked so beautifully with each other! Even tasting the individual ingredients on its own didn’t taste as good as when they all blended in my mouth in one gastronomic symphony.

“For I know what my plans for you are, plans to save you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and to give you hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

When God tells me He has the best plan in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD for me, my vision of what that could look like is often limited by what I have seen around me. Where people are usually married with children, have a steady career or are impacting the world either through helping professions or religious vocations, my life as a lay single without a job can look dismal and insignificant. This makes it difficult to believe that my life can get any better, or is meant for anything greater.

Still, when I continue to trust in His plans and go wherever He points me to, even to places I usually would not venture into, I stumble upon a pathway that looks NOTHING like what I ever imagined my life to look like! Never would I have thought of travelling to different places across the world whether physically or virtually, of meeting individuals or groups of people whether in churches or secular spaces, and bringing the love and message of God whether directly or indirectly through fresh, creative ways.

And truth is, God’s recipe for my life consists of a complex mix of sweet, bitter, and sour experiences that I may never have thought to bring into my life. Some of these experiences on their own might deter me from even continuing this way of life, like the uncertainty of what lies ahead or when I might next receive my financial providence; or the rejection and disappointment I experience when people misunderstand my work or are not open to what I do; or the moments of doubt and discouragement when others seem to be making a bigger impact than me in terms of numbers.

Yet, when I trust the divine Chef and allow Him to bring all of my various ingredients together, I begin to taste a life that is not only OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, but also one that offers heavenly goodness to the world in the unique way only I was meant to bring. I enjoy the flexibility and variety that my life offers — to be able to go to a wide variety of places, meet a wide variety of people, and do a wide variety of things that makes an impact in their lives in a wide variety of ways. And when people ask me where I learnt all that I do from, I answer with a smile that I stumbled upon this on my own (with God’s guidance), and you cannot find this anywhere else.

“God became man to turn creatures into sons; not simply to produce better men of the old kind but to produce a new kind of man. It is not like teaching a horse to jump better and better but like turning a horse into a winged creature.” (C. S. Lewis)

Jesus came not only to save us from our sins, but to restore us to our original and unique design. Our lives were never meant to be mass-produced and displayed on shelves looking like one another. Each one of us is meant to be a unique culinary delight specially crafted by our Maker. Even within the various states of life or professional careers, there is a uniqueness that we were meant to bring into the world through these platforms which no other can offer.

When we can trust God to introduce the unique recipe for our lives, follow with openness and courage the road less travelled because it was only meant for us, and accept the ingredients and experiences we never thought to bring into our lives, we may discover a life unlike any other piece of cake, and which offers something uniquely and unexpectedly life-giving to the world, and even to ourselves.

(Nicholas enjoys a good piece of cake, and a great opportunity to share God’s love and truth in fresh, creative ways. Contact him at if you are interested to find out more about what he does, or where to find THAT cheesecake in London.)

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