Pandemic through the eyes of a child

This week we feature more of our little poets, writers and artists as they express themselves about the pandemic.

Jul 17, 2021

Yester’s Morn

Covid has hit hard, most people can say;
It's so horrible that we can’t come out to play.
This deadly virus, stronger than ever before;
It’s so gruesome, I can't stand it anymore!

Friends and family, what could be better?
In my life, they were the Centre.
Sundays’ high-tea was the highlight of the week;
Now everything just looks so bleak.

Friends brought me joy like no one else could;
Playing, laughing and bonding just like we should.
Dodgeball and Capture The Flag were games of yester’s morn;
Minecraft and Videogames are the current norm.

My classroom life is now through a screen;
Best part is, I can mute my teacher's screams!
The skills I have learned are now put to the test;
It’s time to see what is my best.

This pandemic makes me ponder;
What lies beyond yonder?
With God's mercy and along with His grace;
Please, help us save the human race.

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