Penampang to organize ‘SOCCOM Week’ in May 2021

This year World Communications Day (WCD 2021) at parish level will be filled with many activities come May.

Apr 24, 2021

Cat. Lewis Juit presenting his talk during the Soccom Recollection Seminar at Blessed Nativity Church, Sukang-Mabpai, Bukit Padang (Photo by JJ/Soccom, Penampang)

This year,  World Communications Day  (WCD 2021) at parish level will  be filled with many activities  come May.

Several programmes for training and seminars concerning  social communication roles and  duties to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency in serving  the Church are in the pipeline,  said Penampang Social Communications Ministry chairman,  Lewis Juit during the half-day  recollection at the Blessed Nativity Church, Sukang Mabpai  zone to launch the programme  Apr 18. 

The sessions, to be held  from May 10 -16 are on: Live  Streaming, Basics of Photography, Basics of Videography,  Graphic Design, Video Editing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Article Writing Techniques. The session will end on  May 16 with fellowship.

The committee hopes to attract  at least three representatives  from each zone, targeting especially the youth, to make this  programme a success. It is aimed  not only at updating and improving skills, but also at keeping  up with future generations, especially in technology advancement and applications. ––CS

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