Pope at Mass with children: 'The Holy Spirit accompanies us in life'

At a Mass in St Peter’s Square for the first World Children’s Day, Pope Francis says that "God created us, Jesus saved us, and the Holy Spirit accompanies us throughout our life."

May 27, 2024

Pope Francis presides over mass on World Children's Day

By Francesca Merlo
The final event of the first World Children’s Day – an event held at the request of Pope Francis, which yesterday brought together around 50,000 young people in Rome’s Olympic Stadium – was a Mass held in St Peter’s Square.

The day was Trinity Sunday, and the Pope reflected on the feast in his homily.

Addressing the children gathered, Pope Francis emphasised the profound unity and love within the Holy Trinity, describing it as a family. "We pray to God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. How many 'gods' are there? One in three persons," he explained.

The Pope went on to ask the children gathered, “when we pray to God the Father, what is the prayer that we all pray?” They responded, “The Our Father", after which the Holy Father encouraged them to always seek guidance from God, the Father who created us all and loves us deeply.

Turning his attention, then, to Jesus, the Son, Pope Francis spoke of the importance of Jesus in their lives. “We pray to Jesus because He helps us, stays close to us, and even when we receive communion, we receive Jesus and He forgives all our sins,” he said. He then asked, “is it true that Jesus forgives everything?” and the children responded “yes!”

Pope Francis then went on to speak of the Holy Spirit. He explained that understanding the Holy Spirit might be challenging, describing the Spirit as the divine presence within us, received through Baptism and the Sacraments. “The Holy Spirit is the one who accompanies us in life,” he told the children, before encouraging them to repeat this same phrase together. He explained that the Holy Spirit guides them to do good and offers comfort and strength in difficult times.

Finally, the Holy Father spoke to the children about Mary. “What is the name of our Mother in Heaven?” he asked, and the children answered, “Mary.” They then recited the Hail Mary together.

Bringing his homily to a close, Pope Francis urged the children to pray for their parents, grandparents, ill children, and for peace in the world. “Pray for us", concluded the Pope, "so that we can go forward, all of us". --Vatican News

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