Pope Francis: 'I too am a child of migrants'

Pope Francis sends a message to a group of migrants gathered in Lajas Blancas, Panama, referring to migrants as “the face of Christ”, whom the Church lovingly offers “relief and hope.”

Mar 21, 2024

File photo of Pope Francis with a young migrant (Vatican Media)

By Sr. Francine-Marie Cooper
In a letter dated March 21, Pope Francis addressed a group of migrants gathered in Lajas Blancas, Panama.

The Pope spoke of wanting to accompany them personally, and expressed his understanding for their situation.

“I too am a child of migrants,” he said, “who set out in search of a better future.”

He thanked the bishops and pastoral workers who take his place in serving them.

The Pope said they represent “the face of a mother Church who walks with her sons and daughters, in whom she discovers the face of Christ and, like Veronica, lovingly offers relief and hope on the Way of the Cross of migration.”

The Holy Father added that migrants "represent the suffering body of Christ when they are forced to leave their country, to face the risks and tribulations of a difficult journey, when they find no other way out.”

He appealed to the migrants to never forget their human dignity, and not to “be afraid to look others in the eye,” as they are “not disposable.”

He reassured them that they “are also part of the human family and the family of God's children.”

The Pope thanked the migrants for their presence and asked them to pray for him.--Vatican News

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