Pope Francis: World needs peace in this time of war

Pope Francis invites everyone to pray for peace in our world "at war," and urges us to not forget Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, Myanmar, and all countries suffering due to conflicts.

May 23, 2024

Houses in the suburbs of Kharkiv in Ukraine, destroyed by a Russian drone attack (AFP or licensors)

VATICAN: We no longer have a "war fought piecemeal," but a real "world war." The Pope acknowledged this situation at the end of his Wednesday General Audience held with thousands of the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square.

“"Let us pray for peace. We need peace. The world is at war."”

Prayers for Ukraine, the Middle East, Myanmar
Pope Francis deviated from his prepared remarks and listed the countries suffering due to conflicts: "martyred Ukraine," where the rain of Russian drones continues; the Middle East, where the death toll from bombings continues; and, Myanmar, with its internal crisis and the plight of the Rohingya.

"Let us not forget martyred Ukraine that is suffering so much. Let us not forget Palestine, Israel: may this war stop. Let us not forget Myanmar, and let us not forget so many countries at war."

"Brothers and sisters, we need to pray for peace in this time of world war," the Pope appealed.

Invitation to the children
Peace is something that each person can build with their own contribution, even children, said the Pope.

In his greetings to Polish pilgrims, Pope Francis encouraged all children celebrating their First Communion, "in this moment of joy, to also be aware of the needs of their peers who suffer, victims of war, hunger, and poverty."

"May Mary teach us humble service, which is a source of peace in the world and in the Church," he prayed.--Vatican News

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