Pope prays Holy Spirit may create harmony for world peace

Following the midday Regina Coeli prayer on Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis prays that the Holy Spirit may instil harmony in our hearts and world leading to peace in Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, an end to all the many wars today.

May 20, 2024

Clouds of smoke rise above Kharkiv, Ukraine, following a bombardment on 17 May 2024 (ANSA)

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis renewed his ardent prayers for peace in our world, and end to all conflicts, recalling in particular suffering in the Holy Land, Ukraine, and the city of Kharkiv attacked two days ago.

The harmony of the Holy Spirit
After leading the recitation of the Regina Coeli prayer in St. Peter's Square, the Pope recalled that on this day, Pentecost Sunday, we remember how the Holy Spirit creates harmony out of different, and sometimes even conflicting realities. He called on everyone to pray that the Holy Spirit, "the Love of the Father and of the Son," may instil harmony in hearts, families, societies, and our entire world. 

Peace in our world
The Pope prayed that the Holy Spirit may strengthen communion and fraternity among Christians of different traditions, and especially help leaders of nations to gain the courage to make efforts in favour of dialogue that lead to an end to wars. He lamented the many wars in our world today, mentioning in particular Ukraine and the city of Kharkiv which suffered an attack two days ago. The Pope prayed for peace in the Holy Land, Palestine, Israel, and the many places where wars are taking place. May the Spirit lead world leaders and each one of us to open doors and pathways to peace, he stressed.

In conclusion, the Pope thanked the people of the Italian city of Verona for their warm welcome and hospitality yesterday where he made a day-long pastoral visit. He recalled in particular his visit with inmates who he said showed him once again the vitality of life, humanity, and hope that exists behind the prison walls. He also greeted the various groups in St. Peter's Square, including one from Timor-Leste, a nation he is scheduled to visit in September 2024 along with Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Singapore.--Vatican News

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