Pope: ‘Welcome, promote, accompany, and integrate’ refugees

At his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis urges care for “all those who are forced to flee their homes in search of peace and security.”

Jun 19, 2024

A Sudanese woman stands in a hotel recently converted into a temporary refugee shelter (ANSA)

By Joseph Tulloch
Ahead of the UN’s World Refugee Day, which will be celebrated on the 20th June, Pope Francis has called for called for better treatment for refugees.

Speaking at the end of his weekly General Audience, the Pope called for the World Day to be “an opportunity to turn an attentive and fraternal gaze to all those who are forced to flee their homes in search of peace and security.”

“We are all called to welcome, promote, accompany and integrate those who knock on our doors,” the Pope added. “I pray that States will strive to ensure humane conditions for refugees and to facilitate integration processes.”

A prayer for the Chinese people
At the end of his general audience, Pope Francis also recalled that 2024 marks the 100th anniversary of the first Council on China (Primum Concilium Sinense), held in 1924 in the Cathedral of Shanghai.

"This makes me think of the beloved Chinese people,” the Pope said. “Let us always pray for this noble and courageous people, who have such a beautiful culture. Let us pray for the Chinese people.”

In May, an international congress titled "100 Years of Concilium Sinense: Between History and Present" was held at the Pontifical Urbaniana University, commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the first council of the Catholic Church in China.--Vatican News

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