Sandakan Catholics donating blood to save lives

A blood donation campaign was held recently at the Cathedral of St Mary.

Apr 26, 2024

The Catholic Nurses Guild team.

SANDAKAN: A blood donation campaign was held recently at the Cathedral of St Mary.

It was organised by the Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG) of Sandakan, the parish Pastoral Council and the Duchess of Kent Hospital’s blood bank unit. The campaign aimed to help thalassemia patients in the Sandakan district get blood bags for their survival and to raise awareness about blood donation.

The chairman of CNG Sandakan, Lidwina Giduan, stated that the campaign was a success, with 57 blood bags collected. This was an increase from the campaign in 2017, where they only managed to collect less than 20 bags.

The organisers expressed their thanks to Dr Francis Paul (Labuan Hospital), Dr Jonathan Noel Rayner Molikun (HDOK), the parishioners of St Mary’s parish, all Catholic nursing students from ILKKM and Cyberjaya involved, as well as all the PPC committees of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sandakan and the blood bank unit staff for their contributions.

Parish priest, Fr Simon Kontou was very pleased with all the continuous and encouraging participation from the Catholics.

Dr Lim Shueh Wan from the HDOK Blood Bank Unit suggested that this blood donation campaign be an annual event, especially during Ramadan, as there is usually a shortage during the fasting month.

The Catholic Nurses Guild (CNG) of Sandakan is a service group that follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as witnesses of the Gospel. They participate in the healing ministry and care of Christ to the sick, regardless of religion, ethnicity, language or background. They also provide for pastoral care, professional, social and spiritual needs. — Catholic Nurses Guild Sandakan

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