SHC launches The Igniters - Teen Ministry

The teenagers of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jalan Peel, had their first ever Teen Ministry Mass and the launching of the Teen Ministry at Dewan Louis Guittat on April 24.

May 08, 2021

The teens at the launch of The Igniters with Fr Edwin Peter and Fr Simon Lau.

The teenagers of the Church of the Sacred  Heart of Jesus, Jalan Peel, had  their first ever Teen Ministry Mass  and the launching of the Teen  Ministry at Dewan Louis Guittat  on April 24.

Teenagers from the parish, aged  13 to 17 years old, were invited  to join the Mass and the launching. Before the Mass, there was  an ice breaking and games session led by the Youth Ministry.  Everyone introduced themselves  and participated in their favourite  dance moves and Kahoot games  too. It was a great start to make  new friends and get to know each  other.Then before Mass began, a  representative, Scott Ambrose,  received a lit candle from the Paschal candle from parish priest, Fr  Edwin Peter. The Teen Ministry  is the initiative and brainchild of  Fr Edwin. The light was brought  into the hall, passed around to  everyone, symbolising the youth  sharing the light of Christ as a  community. Then the main candle  was lit to symbolise the official  launching of the parish Teen Ministry. That was the beginning of  the teen ministry known as “The  Igniters”. They also launched their  Instagram page.  Fr Simon Lau, in his homily,  spoke about being X young shepherds and the characteristics of a  shepherd. 

The band for Mass was led by  Isabel Moses, keyboardist, Claudine Dass on the drums, Vanessa  Ambrose, guitarist and singers  Sheryl Marion and Ashley Pereira.  They were guided by Felix Wong  and Joshua Ithayanathan, who  helped with the practice and preparation for the Music. We would  like to give a shout out to Jacinta  Pauline and Brother Gabriel Puvan for organising the Mass and  also to Fr Simon Lau for celebrating the Mass for us. This is just the beginning of  ‘The Igniters’.

“It was truly a very special moment I encountered throughout the Mass, I’m glad to have  played the keyboard and helped  the band to praise the Lord. Without Him we wouldn’t have had our  first teen Mass and The Igniters  would not have come into existence.” — Isabel Moses

“I was honoured to play the  drums for Mass and to join  the band. It is not what I experience every Sunday. I thank God  for giving me the opportunity to  use my talent to praise him.” — Claudine Dass

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