The hidden meaning of Christmas for Pakistan

Sadly some of the most horrific terrorist acts in the country have taken place during the festive season

Dec 24, 2016

LAHORE: For the second year in a row both Christmas and Eid Milad-Un-Nabi (birthday of the Prophet) are in close proximity to each other, increasing prospects of peace and harmony in the terror ravaged country.

Except for the giant red bows and sparkling stars, most of the decorations in Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lahore are like any other Muslim neighborhood after the commemorative birthday celebrations. Eid Milan (get together) parties have morphed into interfaith celebrations. Eid cakes are being sold as Christmas cakes.

But the respective holy feasts are not the only reasons for the nation being united this holiday season. Despite being an Islamic Republic, Dec. 25 is a national holiday in Pakistan. This is the date the country's founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born. This date provides an opportunity for the nation to revisit Jinnah's original philosophy for religious minorities.

Unfortunately his plans for a secular welfare state went unfulfilled, as he died a year after Pakistan's creation. But he assured minorities of complete protection on more than one occasion.

"No civilised government can be run successfully without giving minorities a complete sense of security and confidence. They must be made to feel that they have a hand in government and to this end must have adequate representation in it. Pakistan will give it," he said in an interview given to the Associated Press of America on Nov. 8, 1946.--ucanews

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