‘The Unseen Wound: How It Changed My Life

The Penang Diocesan Youth Network conducted a Mental Health Awareness Talk on October 14 and 15 entitled The Unseen Wound, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

Nov 19, 2021

The Penang Diocesan Youth Network conducted a Mental Health Awareness Talk on October 14 and 15 entitled The Unseen Wound, in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

Below is a sharing from Juliana Teoh, one of the participants in the event. “I am almost reaching my mid-twenties and I love to connect with people and life in general.

However, as a young adult going through life and navigating different learning periods simultaneously, it can be quite strenuous. How I wish I had been taught about the basics of mental and emotional health and their importance earlier on in life! I think that many people, especially in this modern era, are very stressed coping with life.

We are so afraid to be ourselves in the world. We worry about peoples’ perceptions of us, we desire to be loved. It is that anxiety that stigmatises our mental and emotional well-being. As a result, each one of us develops The Unseen Wound. It is not seen on the outside but is deeply felt and can be devastating to our self-esteem.

Dr Christabel Esther and Mr Kenny Lim stressed this serious point, urging anyone facing seemingly insurmountable challenges in life to get help. To be able to spill the beans. You know what?

It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to not feel okay all the time. The only real damage that we can do to ourselves is to bottle up all our emotions. Therefore, in the first session of The Unseen Wound, Dr Christabel helped me understand who I am. As a person, each one of us comes from different backgrounds with different parental upbringing that could shape the way we view ourselves and the way we experience life. What struck me most in the first session was actually an eye- opening question: How are you, yourself? Truth be told, this simple yet deep question has impacted the way I view my mental and emotional health.

It somehow made me realise that the little girl in me is still there, but she has been neglected. Quite silenced, actually, and so afraid of sharing her personal experiences. We all have this little person in us lost somewhere. To bring the inner person back to life is to learn the basics of mental and emotional health.

Sadly, many people in our society do not fully comprehend the meaning and importance of keeping our inner health and happiness. What we can do is to keep an open mind and learn from professionals or support groups. I was excited to finally attend such a talk because I knew that my perspectives about the unseen wound, in me and in those around me, was going to bring about an amazingly refreshing turnover.

Kenny Lim gave an example of how to help ourselves and others who are in the same boat. We were taught how to truly listen without judging, who or where we can turn to for help.

I am truly inspired by both speakers. To help others, to learn their stories and maybe to elevate their burdens gives me the joy and peace of serving Christ, for in His eyes, we are all His children. We are called to be salt and light to the world, to be disciples of mercy.

I really hope that anyone who stumbles across this article may be inspired to be the change in your family and society because they need you. Together, let us bring back the joyful taste for life to someone within our circle of influence who has lost hope. Thank you and may our loving Lord accompany each and every one of you on your journey to discovering His plans for you. Amen.”

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