To serve in the new norm

The Catholic Students’ Group – Untuk Melayani Sesama (CSGUMS) had a “Virtual Serve and Preparation Camp (VSPC)” for four days recently.

Oct 29, 2021

Catholic Students gather virtually for their annual camp.

The Catholic Students’ Group – Untuk Melayani Sesama (CSGUMS) had a “Virtual Serve and Preparation Camp (VSPC)” for four days recently. CSGUMS is held annually as a preparation for youths to serve their community. However, due to the pandemic, they focused on virtually serving the community as we embrace the new norm.

Anna Teresa Peter Amandus, who had served as a Youth Coordinator for 10 years in the Youth Commission, reminded them that our life is a mission in the Service of Love session. All of us are called to serve one another. “Jesus knows your talents and He will give you the right mission”, said Anna.

Meanwhile, the Digital Age in the Kingdom of God session was led by Dennis Patrick, Archdiocese of Youth Commission. He shared about the benefits and uses of technology in the proclamation of the Gospel and the testimony of faith today.

He quoted Pope Francis, saying that social media is a gift from God if used wisely. They were inspired by his sharing on how we can be a blessing to others through the use of technology.

In the Heart-to-Heart session, CSG students shared their experience on serving on campus and also virtually in the Sharing is An Act of Love video.

A compilation video of short speeches from the organisers was shown to provide support to the students who will continue to serve with CSG-UMS after this.

On the final day, in the Whatsapp with Jesus session, the students were given the opportunity to have a personal dialogue with Jesus about their situation in serving in this new norm. Sr Terecia Loukang, FSIC led the mission prayer and reminded everyone that we are sent for something important. It is hoped that these sessions will inspire them to remain steadfast in their faith and in their ministry. Be the light and channel of the love of Jesus, especially in this new norm.

Here are some sharings from the students:

These sessions reminded me that God is creative in whatever situation we face, especially during this pandemic. It’s also a call for me to continue to serve the Catholic youth on campus alongside other CSG fellows. I realise we must walk together and encourage one another in this ministry. -- Frency Fenney Dannis

I learnt how to minister in Christ. This ministry is not only based on the abilities we have but also on how we bring Christ to others through love. I am thankful that through the VSPC, I have been personally strengthened to continue to serve despite the storm of challenges we must weather. I believe God walks with my friends and I, especially during times of love and grief. -- Bannesa Allen

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