We need to waste time with the Holy Spirit

The Diocese of Sibu convened a Synod Synthesis Engagement session at the Kemuyang Pastoral Centre, March 16.

Mar 27, 2024

Participants responding to the worksheets in 10 different groups, using the method of spiritual conversation

The Diocese of Sibu convened a Synod Synthesis Engagement session at the Kemuyang Pastoral Centre, March 16.

Fr Ivan Fang, the chief synod coordinator of Sarawak, expressed gratitude to the 50 parishioners who gathered for the half-day session aimed at responding to the synod synthesis report.

Representatives from a diverse spectrum of parish communities participated, including parishioners from various movements, groups, and parish councils. Also present were the religious from Putri Karmel, Sisters of St Francis of Sarawak, as well as priests from the Claretian and Capuchin orders, together with Msgr Michael and Bishop Joseph Hii.

The engagement session commenced with Eta Ting, from the Sibu synod secretariat team, providing guidelines and directions for the discussion. Ten groups were formed to address ten distinct worksheets concerning the synod synthesis report, covering topics such as involving various councils, the spiritual dimension of synodality, structures for participation, Christian initiation, existing synodality practices, experiences and understandings of synodality, conversations in the Spirit, and transcending boundaries.

Fr Ivan assured the group in his closing remarks that the synthesis responses would be compiled and summarised into an eight-page report for submission to the National Synthesis Engagement team in April 2024.

Bishop Joseph Hii encouraged all present to answer the call of Pope Francis for reformation and transformation. To heed this universal call, it takes courage to put on an attitude of non-complacency and a willingness to embrace change.

“What does the Holy Spirit want the Church to be in this 21st century? To engage ourselves in this discernment, we need to “waste” time with the Holy Spirit. This Year of Prayer is an opportune time for us to “waste” time with the Holy Spirit.

The universal Church has called upon all Christians to discern by “wasting” time with Holy Spirit so that we may be able to discern the Will of God in our time,” said the prelate.

Bishop Joseph observed that we are used to a culture of doing things. Perhaps, it is time to “UNDO”. Without this process of “UNDOing” our hearts, we cannot discern the Will of God and no reformation can take place.

The bishop encouraged a return to the common identity and charism found in baptism, emphasising the value of each Christian’s unique role and co-responsibility in the Church’s mission.

Bishop Joseph emphasised the importance of serving others during the synodal process. He stressed the significance of both offering our service and being open to receiving service from others, a practice rooted in humility. Illustrating this point, he recounted a touching anecdote about Bishop Emeritus Dominic Su’s humility in allowing Bishop Joseph to serve him. This anecdote serves as an example of the spirit of service and humility essential for the synodal journey.

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