Work together for a united Malaysia

The theme Malaysia Madani: The Commitment of Unity Fulfils Hope beautifully expresses the importance of unity among Malaysians for national betterment.

Sep 15, 2023

The theme Malaysia Madani: The Commitment of Unity Fulfils Hope beautifully expresses the importance of unity among Malaysians for national betterment. Drawing inspiration from John 17:22 and 1 Corinthians 12:12, we are reminded of Jesus’ desire for unity, just as He and the Holy Father are united, and we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Our shared hope, especially in the wake of a three-year pandemic, is to rebuild our scattered communities and strengthen our economy. This hope can only be realised through collective effort. Recognising that we cannot build our nation alone, let’s stand together in unity.” — Jason Tioh, Minor Basilica of St Anne, Bukit Mertajam

“As this year is Malaysia’s 66th year of independence, there have been many circumstances where the citizens of our country are not united. Unity is extremely crucial in retaining a country’s stability, as without unity, we can cease to function at any moment.

“The most important factor in achieving unity is by respecting and embracing each other’s differences rather than pushing others away. We also should be more respectful in our communication and communicate wisely so that we do not offend others.

“By being more open minded and understanding other people’s perspective, we can thrive better as a multiracial country.” — Jennifer Junita Franklin, Church of St John Vianney, Tampin

“To achieve Unity in Malaysia today, we need to address the acial and prejudiced mindsets of the past, to adapt a better understanding.

“This, I believe, will help us to embark on the journey of healing and put an end to stereotypes that we associate with the different races in our country. We must begin to understand how judging an individual’s behaviour as reflective of the majority is damaging.

“Let us not repeat mistakes of our parents and grandparents for the betterment of our country. As Malaysians, let us help one another and ensure peace amongst our diverse communities.” — Daniel Kenny, Church of St Ignatius, PJ

“This year's theme is particularly significant as Malaysia is going through a challenging time in terms of dealing with the pandemic, political turmoil, and social issues. The term Malaysia Madani aptly describes the vision of a civil society that promotes inclusivity, justice, and harmony among all Malaysians.

“The commitment of unity is crucial in achieving this vision, and it is only possible if we embrace diversity and respect each other's differences. It is heartening to see Malaysians coming together to help one another during this difficult time, transcending racial and religious boundaries.

“The spirit of unity and hope is evident when we look back at the history of our nation. Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations are a reminder to us that the strength of Malaysia lies in the diversity of its people. We must cherish our cultural heritage, learn from our history, and build a better future that promotes social justice and equality.

“As we celebrate our nation’s independence and unity, let us renew our commitment towards building a better Malaysia Madani where every citizen can live with dignity, respect, and harmony. With a shared commitment towards unity, we can fulfil our hope for a brighter future for all Malaysians. — Maria Patricia Robert, Church of St Thomas, Kuantan

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