WYD celebrations in the KL Archdiocese

The three parishes in the KL South District (KLSD) consist of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Church of St Francis of Assisi, and the Church of the Holy Family.

Dec 03, 2021

KL South District

The three parishes in the KL South District (KLSD) consist of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Church of St Francis of Assisi, and the Church of the Holy Family. In conjunction with World Youth Day (WYD), the KL South District organised a three-day celebration. The main objective was to provide a space for young people to celebrate their youthfulness.

The celebration was held between November 18 and 20. The triduum was filled with fun activities, like Date Nite (where we got to know our witnesses of faith), TGIFunNite (where there were two activities, Game Night and Craft Night), Sarawak Youth Day Online Eucharistic Celebration, Eucharistic Adoration, and Manna Nite (a time for scripture, fun and community).

On Nov 21, the KLSD World Youth Day Celebration began with a virtual forum at 10.00am. Various language resource people shared on “Discipleship”. They included a lay leader, a seminarian, a married couple, and a ministry worker. Nuns and brothers were also invited to share with the young people, their perspective on discipleship. It was indeed a fruitful and eye-opening session, especially for young people who are often at a crossroad in making decisions. Many were inspired by the life sharing to courageously move forward in the vocation they are called to.

At 2.00pm, a treasure hunt was held at the Church of the Sacred Heart with 50 youths. There was strict observance of all SOPs and for additional measure the committee had arranged the session in an open area with ventilation. The participants were asked to gather at 1.15pm for smooth registration, vaccination check and groupings.

The session started with an interesting ice-breaking session. After the ice-breaker, the participants were briefed on the station games. There were fun-filled games such as Fitness Challenge, Obstacle Challenge, The Bottle Flip and Ping Pong Ball Challenge, The Dance Station, and Lego Game.

Each game was chosen not by random but with the goal of showing Youth the key elements of discipleship. Key elements such as trust, identity, celebrating each other’s gifts, listening, perseverance, servanthood, joyful, relationship with self, others, God and creation. After the station games, the next activity was the treasure hunt.

Participants were asked to search for treasure pieces according to clues. They had to put the pieces together to form a Bible verse on Discipleship and the group would have to read out the verse and then act it out.

To end the celebration, all participants were invited to participate at the 5.00pm Mass for Youth. It was presided over by Fr Simon Lau. In his homily, Fr Simon reminded that Jesus is our gravity. All participants were given a KLSD Action Calendar, where there were activities for them to participate every day at home leading to the weekend, and they were also given a pilgrim kit, which consisted of a scented candle, cookies, chocolate, some emoji stickers, and a bracelet.

In a nutshell, this celebration was an opportunity for the community of young people to re-emerge after the pandemic and celebrate our youthfulness and life to the churches’ present moment. This KLSD World Youth Day Celebration doesn’t just end here. There are post celebrations called the “Let-Down” starting from Nov 22 to Dec 16, organised by the KL South District Youths.

On Nov 27, Dec 4, and 11, there will be virtual sessions discussing themes such as Sharing, Unity, Answering and Action. On Dec 15, a closing Mass for this celebration will be held at the Church of the Holy Family. — By Sandra Anne Rayappan

Below are the sharings of some of the young people:

“I think having World Youth Day together on the feast of Christ the King was timely.

Fr Simon Lau, in his homily reminded us to make Christ the king of our lives. This meant a lot to me because I realised lately that I have lost my focus on Christ, and have been distracted with other worldly matters. These other matters tend to make me feel empty, distraught, and can also take a toll on my well-being. “Fr Simon’s homily also made me want to reach out physically (of course still following the COVID-19 SOP), to the youths in my church. He mentioned that in the near future we will be progressing towards a society which bases most of our interactions in the virtual world (e.g., how Facebook has changed its brand to align with its vision to create a meta-verse). I think this future is not far away, and we will have to face more challenges in our faith and our relationships. It is better to try and reconnect with whoever we can, and to seek those in need of our company. ” – Andrea

“Be present young people.” – Nicholas

“Centre your life in Christ.” – Crysta

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