Youth Group holds first Physical gathering

The youth group of St Theresa’s Parish, also known as “CFM” (Catholic Fraternity Movement), organised its first face-to-face youth gathering recently.

Jan 08, 2022

Noah Samuel Ong sharing the positive and negative effects of social media from his group

The youth group of St Theresa’s Parish, also known as “CFM” (Catholic Fraternity Movement), organised its first face-to-face youth gathering recently. The event was held to provide an opportunity for teens, aged between 13-19 years, to get to know each other through games, prayer and small-group sharing. The participants adhered to the mandatory COVID-19 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure).

Core team leaders had training sessions every Sunday prior to the event to practice the ice-breaker skits and games. The music ministry team also held practices to support the praise and worship sessions.

One week before the gathering, volunteers attended a briefing to familiarise themselves with their roles to help the organisers.

The COVID-19 pandemic SOPs were a challenge in organising the face-to-face gathering. Hence, an SOP team ensured everyone adhered strictly to the social distancing rules and registration process (temperature check and MySejahtera scan).

Thirty participants, and some youths from the neighbouring parishes, joined the event. Volunteers assisted the core team leaders in welcoming, registration and other logistics. The gathering started with a humorous skit, followed by a few group games. The light and easy action songs and games helped to break the ice.

A praise and worship session, led by Philip Ng, took place after the icebreakers. Participants entered into a prayerful mood and sang along to some praise and worship songs integrated into the prayer. The “Jesus Prayer,” where participants were encouraged to express who Jesus is to them personally, was the highlight of the praise and worship session.

Participants gave each other the sign of peace, marking the end of the praise and worship session. Then Fr Martinian Lee, the Spiritual Director of CFM, facilitated a session on the effects of social media on young people. During the group sharing exercise, participants were eager to share their thoughts on the positive and negative sides of social media today as the topic is very relevant in the world of young people. As the representative of each group presented their thoughts, Fr Martinian shared some of his stories, which engaged participants and brought laughter to the session. The youths learnt how to better manage their social media usage at the end of the session.

The gathering concluded with the organisers warmly wishing everyone goodbye after a group picture. On the whole, it was a fruitful event and a great start after not being able to meet up for more than a year. Feedback given by the participants was positive. They enjoyed the games and having conversations with their friends. Some requested for more games at future events. Most of the participants said that they would recommend similar youth gatherings to friends.

The core team leaders hope to host more regular youth gatherings in the future, not just for fun and fellowship, but to also create a greater sense of belonging among the youth of the parish as they walk with them on the journey of growing in our faith together.

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