• Exclusion, discrimination in the name of religion distances us from God

    Oct 06, 2017

    To understand this Sunday’s parable, we need to consider the situation back in the time of Our Lord. Very often, farms and vineyards were owned by foreigners or by wealthy Israelites who lived a great distance away, usually in foreign countries.

  • Our struggle with riches

    Sep 27, 2017

    A number of years ago I attended a funeral. The man to whom we were saying goodbye had enjoyed a full and rich life. He’d reached the age of 90 and was respected for having been both successful and honest.

  • Shared destiny: Removing exploitation and renewing the nation

    Sep 27, 2017

    Now that the general election is around the corner, we can expect the various political parties to jostle for attention and canvas voters in the weeks and months ahead.

  • God’s command to kill the Canaanites

    Sep 21, 2017

    In his autobiography, Eric Clapton, the famed rock and blues artist, shares very candidly about his long struggle with an addiction to alcohol.

  • Cry of the poor, cry of the earth – and a further nod to Vatican II

    Sep 21, 2017

    First, extreme weather wreaked havoc and destruction across the world from the strong hurricanes in the Caribbean and southern United States to the typhoon that lashed Vietnam, which even spilled over into the northern part of Peninsula Malaysia.

  • Achievement versus fruitfulness

    Sep 15, 2017

    There’s a real difference between our achievements and our fruitfulness, between our successes and the actual good that we bring into the world.

  • Working to dispel the pessimism surrounding the nation

    Sep 15, 2017

    This weekend, we celebrate 54 years since the formation of Malaysia. We should be celebrating all the things that we have been blessed with — abundant natural resources and a diversity of cultures and spiritual traditions, our strategic location between economic powers, China and India, and the natural goodwill among Malaysians at the grassroots level.

  • Stuck in traffic

    Sep 11, 2017

    There’s a famous billboard that hangs along a congested highway that reads: You aren’t stuck in traffic. You are traffic! Good wit, good insight! How

  • Embrace, pray for our grieving long-suffering Rohingya brethren

    Sep 10, 2017

    Just last week, a good friend of mine lost his nephew, whom he treated as his own son, in a road accident. His sister was grief stricken — the young adult had been her only child.

  • On papal flight, Francis says Colombia trip a push to 'go forward on path to peace'

    Sep 07, 2017

    Pope Francis began his five-day visit to Colombia by calling the trip "a bit special," saying it is meant to help the country "go forward on its path to peace" following the recent ending of a bloody 50-year war between the nation’s government and rebel guerilla forces.