• Reflecting on the Psalms: Divine Splendour and Human Frailty

    Sep 11, 2021

    People are often worried about how long they will live on this earth. We care for our health in many ordinary and extraordinary ways.

  • Under a bridge in Austin

    Sep 11, 2021

    Recently at a workshop, a woman shared her anxiety about the death of her brother. Her older brother had died from the Covid virus before there were vaccines for it, and had died because he had dangerously exposed himself to catching the virus.

  • He the Vine, We the Branches

    Sep 04, 2021

    As we meditate on this psalm, we pray as the Church with all its struggles and challenges, its tensions and oppositions, both within and without.

  • Different ways of being spiritual not religious

    Sep 04, 2021

    When, for every kind of good reason we can cherry-pick those parts of family and community we like and avoid those parts we find difficult, we are spiritual but not religious.

  • Finding blessed assurance amidst the pandemic

    Sep 04, 2021

    Responding to the new norms, we echo the cry of Bartimaeus: “Lord, that I may see (again).” Every adversity is an opportunity.

  • What does being a ‘Malaysian Family’ mean?

    Aug 28, 2021

    Malaysia’s new Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, highlighted the concept of the Malaysian Family in his inaugural address to the nation.

  • Evil structures in human society

    Aug 28, 2021

    In December 2020, INTERPOL issued a global alert to law enforcement across its 194 member countries warning them to prepare for organised crime networks targeting COVID-19 vaccines, both physically and online.

  • The fading of forgiveness

    Aug 28, 2021

    In a recent issue of Comment Magazine, Timothy Keller, theologian and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, wrote an insightful essay entitled, The Fading of Forgiveness, within which he highlights how, more and more, forgiveness is being seen as a weakness and a naivete.

  • Reflecting on the Psalms: The Penitential Psalm par excellenc

    Aug 28, 2021

    Among the psalms of supplication or lament, some are penitential, that is, they ask for mercy and forgiveness from sin and transgression against God.

  • My journey from Gethsemane Friary to Sibu

    Aug 20, 2021

    In May this year, I celebrated 33 years of my priestly ministry, and while each year is marked with a Mass of thanksgiving, this year, due to the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, I have had more time to reflect and reminisce about my journey as a priest.