• Childhood trauma and shame

    Feb 18, 2022

    On the outset, the terms “trauma” and “shame” may appear unrelated. In truth, however, there is a strong correlation between the two. Shame is a powerful emotion and is responsible for a host of problems including self-criticism, self-blame and self-neglect.

  • The death of chastity in our culture

    Feb 18, 2022

    Chastity is often seen as grounded in a religious fundamentalism, which our culture today either disdains or pities (“Chastity for Jesus”).

  • The butterfly effect

    Feb 18, 2022

    The beauty of butterflies is beyond words. This magical insect draws our attention as it flutters, flaps and flies gracefully.

  • The duality of life and prayer

    Feb 11, 2022

    The dual nature of Jesus is something I have always been fascinated by. I have no problems believing that He is true God and true Man.

  • I found my passion in serving

    Feb 11, 2022

    A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, and must empty ourselves. Give yourself fully to God.

  • When our world is falling apart

    Feb 11, 2022

    Home is where you are safe. It’s also the place where you experience security and trust and where that steadiness enables you to believe in the things of faith.

  • Enriching interfaith encounters at the workplace

    Feb 11, 2022

    People who live in a multi-religious country like Malaysia have numerous opportunities to encounter people of different faiths.

  • Faith education – who’s responsibility is it?

    Feb 11, 2022

    Jesus died”… and there was dead silence after that as if in respect of the death of Jesus.

  • Lourdes — What made it such an important symbol of hope and healing?

    Feb 11, 2022

    Thousands of apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been reported by Christians across the world, from fourthcentury Asia Minor, which is now Turkey, to contemporary California.

  • Returning full circle to the Mother

    Jan 28, 2022

    I was born into a very traditional Catholic family. Every night, at eight o’clock sharp, was Rosary and we had to kneel throughout the devotion. As a child, I could sing most Marian hymns by heart.