• How Jesus made more and more enemies

    Feb 27, 2021

    It is never easy to proclaim values that are diametrically opposed to prevailing values. Jesus often discovered it the hard way, when he proclaimed a God of love and compassion.

  • The imperialism of the human soul

    Feb 27, 2021

    In his autobiography, Nikos Kazantzakis shares how, in his youth he was driven by a restlessness that had him searching for something he could never quite define.

  • An Honest Prayer …

    Feb 20, 2021

    Right from the beginning, Jesus knew both the pain and the shame of one who is excluded, who has no place in the mainstream.

  • How Jesus challenged oppressors and broke down barriers

    Feb 20, 2021

    As economic conditions worsen, we are seeing a turn to right wing nationalistic politics around the world, as crafty politicians are able to sway public opinion by appealing to their baser instincts.

  • A lifeguard who walks on water

    Feb 06, 2021

    Cunning leaders are using the pandemic to roll back democratic gains. We can see that happening at home and around us in Asia.

  • Our unconscious search for God

    Feb 06, 2021

    “Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new, late have I loved you! You were within me, but I was outside, and it was there that I searched for you.

  • Blessed are the poor — in a world of vast disparities

    Jan 30, 2021

    More grim news from Oxfam’s annual report released last week: one thousand of the world’s richest people recovered their losses arising from the pandemic within nine months.

  • God cannot tell a lie

    Jan 30, 2021

    Lying is the most pernicious of evils, the most dangerous of sins, the worst of blasphemes, and the one sin that is unforgiveable. Perhaps we need to be reminded of that today, given our present culture where we are in danger of losing the very idea of reality and truth. Nothing is more dangerous.

  • Normal? New normal? Or should we move to a new world?

    Jan 24, 2021

    I was shocked to read that, in India, some people are even ‘venerating’ the killer of Mahatma Gandhi — a right-wing religious extremist, who felt that the independence leader was making too many concessions.

  • Grieving Death

    Jan 23, 2021

    Bless his effort! It made for a great story, a gripping myth, but it never made for a religion or an eternal dance because that’s not what Mary Magda