• How does God act in our world?

    Feb 09, 2018

    There’s an oddity in the gospels that begs for an explanation: Jesus, it seems, doesn’t want people to know his true identity as the Christ, the Messi

  • What would Jesus do?

    Feb 09, 2018

    As countless fellow human beings suffer terribly in a myriad of ways and much of our planet groans from gaping human induced wounds, our government, other governments, and many well-off people, seem to hardly care. It is what Pope Francis calls a “globalisation of indifference.”

  • The Earth as a living breathing organism: Reorienting our world view

    Feb 09, 2018

    At this time, our thoughts will start drifting towards the much anticipated general election. The coming election is expected to be hotly contested by the ruling coalition and the opposition parties.

  • Overcoming the divisions that divide us

    Jan 31, 2018

    We live in a world of deep divisions. Everywhere we see polarization, people bitterly divided from each other by ideology, politics, economic theory,

  • From winter to spring, from despair to hope

    Jan 31, 2018

    Recently, a cold spell swept over the nation. The temperature in the Klang Valley dipped to 22C and it was even colder in Cameron Highlands where it dropped to 15C — perhaps the closest we have come to experiencing a ‘winter’ of sorts in the modern era.

  • Can you lose your vocation?

    Jan 24, 2018

    Our Christian vocation is to make what we are in fact living – married, priest, religious, single in the world – a life of selflessness and service to others. Happiness and salvation are contingent upon that, not upon guessing correctly.

  • Francis slams corruption, unsustainable development, environmental degradation of our times

    Jan 24, 2018

    The Bishop of Rome has highlighted some of the critical issues of our time during his recent trip to Latin America.

  • How can it all have a happy ending?

    Jan 21, 2018

    There’s a line in the writings of Julian of Norwich, the famous 14th century mystic and perhaps the first theologian to write in English, which is endlessly quoted by preachers, poets, and writers: But all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. It’s her signature teaching.

  • Cardinal concerns: Four decades after Aggiornamento, where are we heading as Church?

    Jan 19, 2018

    I caught up with Cardinal Soter Fernandez one morning a couple of weeks ago. As the taxi pulled up to a halt, the cardinal was at the entrance and immediately exchanged pleasantries with the driver, adding a very human pastoral touch.

  • This Year can be better

    Jan 17, 2018

    Last year was a rough one in many ways President Donald Trump’s and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s exchange of insults and violent threatening language, put the world on edge that nuclear war was, and still is, quite possible.